Commercial truck loans – bad credit

If you have good, average or less than perfect credit and you want a good quality and reliable truck, you need a solution that will approve you for a truck loan. By filling out our simple, no credit check application, we can put you in touch with qualified distributors out of Houston that offer quality trucks that are reliable and have low monthly payments. Many customers like that we offer a selection of lenders and can find a finance company that is right for you. We are also experts in financing used trailers and often have hundreds of options available for more loans. It only takes a phone call to our application center or online to begin your loan application. That’s why we do not show preference to any particular lender. So before you talk to anyone about financing your next purchase of heavy vehicles call us.

Dealers like to hook you into thinking you are approved for a loan and then after displaying their new truck to all the neighbors, they call you. Loan application, Application for finance or credit application are the usual names for the real documents that you must complete to get approval for your loan. Before applying, it is important to try to negotiate the price and interest rates. Most loan programs usually need some type of payment. The amount of down payment can be negotiated together with the purchase price. The equity you have in your old equipment must be added to you purchasing power (only if it applies of course). After finding a truck loan company that suits your needs, you need to get approved. Make sure you are well-educated about how loans work on trucks and how to find the best loan rates for the purchase of trucks. We are aware of all options in seeking financing for trucks and can save our clients thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.

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