Colonial Insurance

As an employer if you wish to participate in a supplemental insurance benefits package for your employees, Colonial insurance should be your first choice. The company has vast experience in underwriting life and accident policies as well as disabilities and return-to-work packages.

Employees are often ignorant or plain lazy about getting adequate insurance. Much financial literature has stressed the importance of this mode of saving. Insurance is not just a friend during calamities or emergencies; it can be a good route for income protection.

There are different forms of insurance packages:
ØLife insurance: This is the oldest and most popular form in which the beneficiaries receive the proceeds under the policy on the death of the assured.
ØMedical insurance: Under this type of policies, the beneficiary receives reimbursement of cost of hospitalization, medicines and consultation fees. Accident claims and progressive disorders are not included under this head. Dental insurance covers treatment of dental conditions.
ØAccident insurance: This is specifically tailored towards reimbursement of loss of property and medical expenses after an accident.
ØDisability insurance: This is geared to those who work in potentially hazardous occupations where a slight miss would result in permanent loss of livelihood.

Colonial insurance has expertise in each of the above areas and currently has nearly 2 million policies in force. It is a leader in selling employee flexible benefit packages to over 45000 business organizations.

The main thrust of Colonial insurance is to help employers frame suitable insurance benefits packages. Here are the important factors that make Colonial insurance the preferred partner for supplemental benefits packages:
ØHigh ethical standards of conduct. Colonial is a company with a legacy of responsible governance. It is also seen from the clear benefits communication process that the company follows. Whether through service representatives or other collaterals, all the information about the policies is available in a non-fuzzy manner.
ØTotal service orientation. Colonial insurance is popular for the high number of small claims it handles. Yet, the employees are courteous and take every customer seriously. Whether you are a corporate giant or an individual policyholder, your queries would be answered with perfect professionalism and total commitment.
ØWide portfolio of supplemental packages. Colonial insurance is amongst the top in disability, life, accident and hospitalization policies. It also has a strong record in employer-sponsored benefit plans.

If you are looking for a company that gives you personalized attention for all your insurance needs, head straight for Colonial insurance.

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