College Students and Credit Scores

College students are notorious for having poor credit scores. Failing to establish a good credit history before graduation and using college credit cards recklessly are two major reasons why students have problems with their credit. If you are a college student, treat your credit score like a class that you need to boost your GPA — and make sure that you get an A+.

Why Credit Scores Are Important to College Students

Credit scores are important to college students for a number of reasons. Hiring companies use credit reports to help determine eligibility for employment. Insurance companies, lenders, credit card companies and even landlords also use college students’ credit scores to determine eligibility for insurance, loans, credit cards and renting an apartment.

Build a Good Credit History in College

Begin building a good credit history while still in school. College students with no credit score will have the same problems after graduation as students with a poor credit score. Start establishing a good credit history by ordering a free credit report online to see what accounts are listed. This can be a very eye-opening experience for people who are seeing their credit report for the first time. Review the credit report for errors or mistakes and if any are found, contact the reporting companies immediately. If there are unpaid debts or other problems, work to get those fixed with the reporting companies to ensure that your good credit history isn’t at risk.

Students Improve Credit Scores with College Credit Cards

Students can improve their credit scores with a college credit card . When used responsibly, a credit card designed for kids in college builds a good credit history, a foundation that’s necessary for post-graduation. Kids can compare college credit cards online to read consumer reviews and to find the best student card for their needs.

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