Coconut Oil Benefits – Lose Weight Fast, Improve Heart Health and Make Food Taste Great


This truly remarkable oil is one of the best kept secrets in the world of nutrition. For years the benefits of coconut oil have been suppressed by those who were promoting the benefits of Canola Oil to the North American consumer.

However, people have become much more aware of the many benefits of this amazingly versatile oil when used on a regular basis in their every-day cooking.

This product used in its natural form has helped many people who have been looking for ways to eat healthy without dieting and still lose weight.

This tasty oil is the perfect answer. Just by adding 5-6 tablespoons per day to your diet can have a huge impact on how you look and feel.

Coconut oil might be a fat, but it has the advantage of being very low in calories and a very unique chemical structure that enables it to convert fat into energy.

In other words, coconut oil is a fat that will help you “lose weight”. What can be better than that?


Most athletes are very aware of the importance of diet as part of their quest to get fitter and perform better at their chosen sport.

There is also a growing realization among athletes that including quality fat in their diet is not only a good idea, but essential to optimum heath.

The unique properties of coconut oil enable it to speed up an athletes metabolism and actually “burn fat” in the course of their daily workout routines.

As with most weight loss regimens, physical activity speeds up the process and better results as far as weight loss and coconut oil use can be expected when one is living an active rather than a sedentary lifestyle. That is why it is an ideal addition to any athletes daily diet.

Even athletes who do not believe they have any “unwanted” fat to lose often end up losing weight once they begin to consume this tasty oil on a regular basis. It seems to have a way of searching out excess fat and burning it.

It is no secret that once excess fat melts away, an athletes endurance can increase dramatically.

Coconut oil use for endurance athletes like marathoners or Ironman triathletes would be especially beneficial.


Coconut oil contains “lauric acid” and it is very rare and can only be found in “mothers milk”.

This is the main ingredient that appears to be responsible for speeding up metabolism and accelerating the whole process of burning fat.

However there are many other uses for incredible oil that are so numerous that it could well be the most versatile oil on the planet.

There is good reason why many Asian women have beautiful soft skin and lustrous hair. Many Asian cultures have grown up with this natural oil and have always used it in one form or another.

Many Asian women will use coconut oil in their hair to prevent dandruff, promote hair growth, and to add an incredible luster and shine that gives them the gorgeous hair that seems so prevalent among Asian women.

It is also used by many Asian people on their skin and explains why their skin is so soft and beautiful and how it never seems to remain just as smooth as they grow older.

Coconut oil is used in suntan lotions, massage oils, and skin products for that very reason, but really, all you have to do is use “virgin coconut oil” in its natural form with no additives to appreciate and benefit from all its amazing qualities.


You can pretty well get rid of all your other oils once you introduce coconut oil to your kitchen.

It is so simple and easy to use and tastes so good that you will not want to go back to the other “fat bombs” in the form of cheap oils that are flooding the market-place and fill the cupboards of so many North American homes.

How do you use 6 tablespoons of coconut oil in a day? Let me count the ways.

How about in your morning smoothies? An egg and hash-brown lover? Just wait until you try cooking your hash-browns and eggs in a couple of tablespoons of virgin coconut oil instead of margarine or butter that burns so easily and does not taste so good.

Use it in your pasta sauce. Stir it into your pasta once you have drained it.

Use it in your oatmeal, or mashed potatoes, or scrambled eggs, or in a salad.

The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

You can bake with it simply by replacing margarine of butter that a recipe calls for with coconut oil.

By using this wholesome, delicious oil you will simply enjoy your food all that much more because you will realize that not only does coconut oil taste delicious, it also helps you lose weight.

As a result you will improve your heart health, feel great, look great, and live a longer, healthier life.

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