Citizens Insurance Company of America Auto and Home Coverage

Company headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan, but the operating areas include at least 12 states in the North Central region of the United States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Because of its Michigan’s head-office location, people, and existing policyholders often refer the company to as Citizens Insurance Michigan, too.


One of the company’s best offerings is the Platinum Experience, which includes a bundle or package of policies to encompass a wide range of protections and benefits into a single option. The coverage includes many different financial protections for car, home, watercrafts, valuables, and identities as well. Platinum service by Citizens Insurance offers professional claim-handling, flexible payment, understandable bills, and 24/7 online tools.


Apart from those essential services, Citizens Insurance Michigan provides the following benefits:


  1. Partnership with local independent agents to ensure policy underwriting transparencies in all aspects
  2. Valuable savings from discounts
  3. A phone number that only existing policyholders can call eliminating busy traffic and line congestion
  4. A track record of excellent performance brings peace of mind to customers
  5. Platinum service is a world-class insurance product available for both commercial and personal accounts


All coverage options from Citizens Insurance cover both individual and business accounts. There are differences in policy format as follows:





Small business


Mid-size business








Management Liability

Identity Theft

Professional Liability

Valuable Items

Risk Management Solutions


In this discussion, the main focus is on Citizens Property Insurance for individual accounts, consisting of several major categories including Auto, Home, Renters, and Condo.


Auto Insurance


As a general rule of auto insurance purchase, the least expensive option is not always the best. The most important thing is the right balance between quality and price, at which Citizens Insurance excels. Some of the available coverage options are:


  • Liability: depending on state’s regulations, bodily injury liability can be either mandatory or optional. The company ensures that all policyholders have the right type of insurance to comply with the law.


  • Comprehensive & Collision: property damage protections for policyholders’ vehicles. Any damage as the result of both accident and non-accident causes fall under the protection of this coverage.
  • Newer Car Replacement: totaled vehicle within one year of purchase or lease (or 15,000 miles), whichever comes first, receives New Car Replacement Guard. There is no depreciation or deduction in the total amount of compensations.


  • Deductible Dividends: once a policyholder includes this endorsement, an immediate reward in the form of a lower deductible is available.


  • Roadside Assistance: 24/7 emergency services for towing vehicle. Coverage limit is $150, yet all towing charges that exceed the limit are subject to reimbursement.


  • Transportation Expense: rental payment is available as optional coverage without delay. A policyholder can rent a vehicle for as long as it takes to repair his/her car in the shop. Limit reaches up to $3000. In case the car from the rental service also needs repair due to an accident, the company protects that too.


  • Personal Injury Protection: a mandatory coverage in some states but customers can add PIP to the existing policy for complete protection.


Other endorsements available from the company include Trip Interruption, Pet Injury, Snow Removal, Lawn Mowing, and Housekeeping.


Home Insurance


Packages in home insurance consist of three different packages: Homeowners, Condo, and Renters. All types are flexible in the sense that the policy can suit everybody’s needs depending on many personal factors. Regardless of the kind, Citizens Insurance offers some endorsements:


  • Replacement Cost
  • Water backup
  • Sump Overflow
  • Roof Restoration Coverage
  • Waiver of Deductible
  • Equipment Breakdown


In the more specific category, every homeowner owns a policy that matches the type of dwelling for examples single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and renters.


Partnership with Independent Agents


Insurance limits for all types vary from state to state. More than that, not everybody can afford to purchase a full protections for their properties. This is why Citizens Insurance Company of America chooses to build long-term partnerships with professional local independent agents to make sure all the purchasing and underwriting processes are the results of a fruitful agreement between the company and customers. There are many reasons that independent agents can give valuable inputs in insurance-buying:


  1. 1.      More choices: independent agents work for and on behalf of customers. They do not get any compensation for selling policies from any particular company. These agents are professionals, and they gave expertise to provide clients with the most viable options depending on financial circumstances and underlying conditions. A company that offers their products only through independent agents ensures transparency.


  1. 2.      Customers’ representatives: serving as the middleman in the insurance-purchasing process, independent agents do not take any benefits from a successful transaction between insurer and policyholder because they work for customers. Their primary function is to represent clients in discussions and try to deliver the best possible alternatives.


  1. 3.      Long-term assistance: a policyholder can develop a long-term partnership with independent agents and ask help anytime there is an issue with claim processing, renewal, adding more coverage, and cancellation.

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