Cigna Health Care’s Coverage

Cigna health insurance basically falls under the category of managed care system. It applies multiple techniques and services, particularly in the health sector to finance care, provide quality and accessible health benefits through a structured distribution of care and cost-effective medication.  

Its services are concentrated mainly into two health plan categories: individual and group, where the latter is specified as employee benefit program. Cigna health insurance offered the two most comprehensive managed care services in individual health plans, namely the Cigna Healthcare Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Network Open Access plans.

HMO is designed to provide wide access to a network of physicians without the hassle of filling- out referral forms. Hence, in case of emergency anyone that is enrolled in this program can be accommodated by affiliate doctors and clinics.
In group health plans there are several healthcare plans employers can offer to their employees. Among them are the FlexCare Exclusive Provider Program (EPP), Freedom of Choice Indemnity plans, Point-of-Service Plans, and HMO program as well.

Aside from the healthcare coverage, health savings account is another option that guarantees care and wellness programs especially for mothers and babies and individuals with chronic illnesses. Part also of this additional option are the online assistance of nurses for basic health inquiries.

Health savings account works by postponing medical tax deduction and accumulating it to cover health care expenses. However, not all US States got an existing law on pre-tax treatment. In that case, consulting a tax advisor can give significant aid.

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