Choosing a Caribbean Honeymoon Resort

Finding a Caribbean honeymoon resort is easy. The hard part is choosing the one that’s right for your honeymoon. There are over 7000 Caribbean islands, not all of which are inhabited. Of the over 7000 islands there are a total of 36 island groups made up of either single islands, such as Jamaica, or island groups like the Bahamas, which boasts 2400 islands. Each of these islands has its own distinct cultural flavor and intimate resorts for the perfect honeymoon. So how do you choose the right resort for you and your soon to be spouse? There are so many Caribbean honeymoon resorts to choose from. There are all inclusive couples’s only super resorts such as Sandals to more intimate Caribbean villas and inns. The first thing you need to do when choosing a Caribbean honeymoon resort is to decide which island you would like to stay on. There is such a range of diversity to choose from depending on what you want to do on your honeymoon. For those who like water sports, golf and just hanging out on the beach just about any of the islands will do. If you are looking for an all around Caribbean experience then Jamaica may be the place for you. With beachside all inclusive super resorts and intimate mountain villas Jamaica has something for everyone. If you want to hike through tropical rain forests and climb cascading waterfalls or spend time shopping the day away and clubbing until the wee hours of the morning then Jamaica is the perfect choice. For a more intimate Caribbean honeymoon try some of the smaller islands such as Culebra and Dominica. These two islands will truly let you get away from it all, tropical paradises where time ceases to mean anything and there isn’t much to do except just kick back and enjoy the intimacy of being newlyweds. The Bahamas are made up of 2400 islands and provide just about any and all activities anyone would want to do on a Caribbean honeymoon. There is every accommodation possible, from five star resorts to small family run inns hidden along the old world city streets. And for anyone who has ever wanted to swim with dolphins Grand Bahama boasts the Dolphin Experience. So as you can see just choosing the Caribbean island you wish to visit can take some doing. Once you find the island to fit you choosing the Caribbean honeymoon resort becomes much easier. Although the size of the island you choose as your honeymoon destination will have an impact on the number of resorts to choose from. The bigger the island the more honeymoon resorts there will be, and again, just like the islands themselves the possibilities are pretty limitless. But rest assured that which ever Caribbean honeymoon resort you choose you will not be disappointed. Honeymooning in a tropical paradise is the ultimate romantic destination.

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