Cheapest Car Insurance – Here it is

If you want the cheapest car insurance possible, look no further. This article will show you exactly what to do, how to do it and where to do it. First, let me show you things to do if you want to get the cheapest car insurance available…

1) Go for the minimum required by law in your state. If you go for the minimum, you’ll be law-abiding and still mild on your purse. However, I assume you know the implications of going for the minimum. You don’t get the same coverage as someone who goes for something more extensive. But you know your needs better than I do.

2) Ask for higher deductibles. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. But be aware that you’ll have to pay that amount first before your company does anything if you ever have to make a claim. Make your deductible only as high as makes sense in your circumstance — Something you can live with.

3) Make sure you pay all your bills promptly. Your credit rating will play a great role in determining if you can truly get a very cheap auto insurance rate possible.

4) Maintain a great driving record. Avoid “them” tickets. Like someone said, “They cost you much more than the fine you pay.” They affect your premium.

5) Go for a smaller non-sports cars and avoid foreign cars. If you want to use a big car, you won’t get the cheapest quote out there. They are simply more expensive to insure. The same goes for sports cars and foreign cars. The reasons for this is the subject of another discourse.

6) Drive less and use the public transport more. The lower your mileage, the lower your car insurance quote.

7) Get married. Sounds funny but it’s true. Married persons get lower car insurance rates than their unmarried counterparts.

While doing some or all of these, take time out to visit at least three quotes and comparison sites. Compare the insurance quotes they return and pick the lowest. In doing this, however, make sure you input the same information in all quotes sites visited. Doing otherwise will give you misleading results. This one is the sure way to get the cheapest quotes available on the planet.

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