Cheap Auto Insurance – Can I register my car in one state and insure it in another to save money?

In different states there are also different laws and insurance requirements for people living in that state. There are states that are very strict with their laws like getting your car insured before you will be allowed to drive a car for yourself and if you are looking for cheap auto insurance you need to know a bit about this.

Your state government is only concerned for the safety of the people living in that state. Each state has a department of auto insurance this department deals with problems and questions for auto insurance policies. The states requirements of auto insurance vary from one another, they have different rules and regulations or it can be that their laws are almost the same with other sates.

This department helps in implementing and monitoring in with the people’s auto insurance. To know about other states department of auto insurance then here is a sample list of the state’s and their auto insurance laws.

Delaware auto insurance. This state requires their drivers to get a personal injury protection; this insurance pays the lost wages and the medical expenses that the passenger and the owner lost. Liability insurance is also mandatory in this state. If the owner wants to cancel his insurance he must then give up his license plate to the department of motor vehicles.

If the owner will not surrender the license plate then the department will audit it as insured but if they will find out that the owner is uninsured he’ll be given a penalty. In this state if you are found to be driving without the necessary insurance your driver’s license will be suspended for 6 month and you will pay a fine.

Nevada. They are required to get liability insurance plus the owner of the car must carry with them their proof that his car is insured under a car insurance company that is license by Nevada. This state also uses a verification program to identify uninsured motorists. If found out that a vehicle is not insured they will suspend the registration of that vehicle. The state may also suspend the driver’s license and let the owner pay the fine.

Georgia. This state’s mandatory law is to maintain continuous liability insurance coverage for the owners of cars. To be able to register your car you must have liability coverage and a proof that his car is insured for if not his car will not be registered.

That is why there are rules and laws for people to follow they are put there for a reason and a purpose. If you want a car then you should be prepared to shoulder the responsibility in having one and that is to get the necessary insurance your state requires. So if you want to buy a car in one state and insure it in another check with your state  and your insurer. Click here to get cheaper auto insurance now.

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