Charge Offs – You May not Have to Pay

If you have a charge off it will cause your credit score to be lower. A charge off happens when an account is not paid on for 6 months.

To delete charge offs from your credit history you have to dispute the charge off. You can do this by sending a credit repair letter to the credit bureaus.

In the credit repair letter you need to include the reason the charge off should be deleted. Reasons often include: the account being paid, never paid laid or it’s not your account.

Our credit system is flawed and you are assumed guilty until you can prove otherwise. It is common for incorrect information to show on your credit history.

In response to incorrect information being reported congress passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This says that any listing that can not be verified must be removed from your credit report by the credit bureau.

It is not un-common for one charged off account to result in many negative listings and a ruined credit report. Let me show you the process of what happens to a charged off account.

The original lender will take the outstanding debt and will sell it to a collection agency. This collection agency will try to collect on the debt. If they are unsuccessful they will be able to create a negative listing on your credit report.

Then this collection agency will sell your debt to another collection agency. The new collection agency will also have the authority to create a negative listing if they can not recover payment.

This process will continue through any number of collection agencies. It depends upon the size of the delinquent account. You can see how one account can ruin your credit score and turn into multiple negative listings.

If you get multiple negative listings your credit will be in bad shape. It will become extremely difficult to get approval for any new lines of credit.

In sum I encourage you to dispute the listing before you make payment. I would do this because making payment does not guarantee the listing will be removed.

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