Change Your Signature, Change Your Life

Did you know that the scribble you casually slap on a letter, cheque or credit card docket can give insights into your personality?

And did you know that your handwriting can tell a different story about the real you? Your signature–or sign of your nature–represents you to the world. But does it represent you at your best?

Your signature is like your own corporate logo.

How upset would McDonald’s, Sony, NAB, Mercedes-Benz be, if their corporate logo was misrepresented?

To be successful, you must show the world the best you. The tips in this newsletter and the details outlined in the new course will help start or intensify the success fire in your belly. They’re simple to carry out, and with daily repetition and persistence, you’ll build an unstoppable momentum. And change can start right here, with a flick of your pen.

• Why this works.

If you developed your signature as a teenager and it’s still the same, ask yourself, “Is my signature still a reflection of how I see myself and how I want to be seen by the world?”

Let’s put it this way. Your signature / autograph is how you present yourself to others.

On the other hand, your handwriting shows what you’re really like. Having a GREAT signature sends unconscious signals to everyone who sees it.

Your handwriting matters. So, even if you haven’t decided yet to master the Science of handwriting analysis, you at least need to get a signature make-over, so you aren’t giving false signals to the world.

If there’s inconsistency between your signature and handwriting, there’s a gap between how others see you and what you’re really like. High achievers often write their signature with a forward slope, which means they’re warm, caring and outgoing.

Does your signature exude your “warm side” or your “cold side”?

A great catalyst for a positive personal shake-up is to make an intentional change to your signature. In fact, in Europe, Asia, India and Australia, that is the #1 question I get: “What should I change about my signature?” Ask yourself, “What does my signature say to the world now? Is it really reflecting who I am now, or who I was 20 years ago. And, are there any “red flags” in my signature that other people see that I don’t even know about?”

Many people from my seminars from years gone by have told me that changing their signature was their “line in the sand” moment, when they really thought about who they’ve been, are now and will become in the future. You can let this information flow over you or you can seize it, step over your own line in the sand, and sign up for a magnificent life.

Let the message sink in.

People say once they’ve been to my seminars, they can’t look at a signature or handwriting without thinking what a twisted, sick puppy they’re dealing with, or what a balanced, poised, disciplined person they have the honor to be mixing with.

When I run a full length, “Improve yourself, improve the world” seminar/workshop throughout Asia or Australia, most attendees use the information to create a new signature on the spot. Most are inspired to grab some fuel for improvement from the session. It can be a tough, cynical world, and I’d love you to grab this information now… Get a pen and some paper, and check out, with new awareness, how your signature looks. Implement the tips below. You’ll see that when these exercises are done with enthusiasm and supporting actions, they become visible affirmations, designed to fire up your life, where you are an unstoppable, positive maniac on a mission!

ACTION STEPS Your new inspirational signature

Create and adopt a full name signature that is readable and consistent with the rest of your writing. When I do a seminar I display three different signature styles:

1) The scribbled signature

This signature reflects a person with a fast mind.

Their hand can’t keep up with their brain, hence the scrawled autograph.

Ever tried reading a doctor’s handwriting? A quick signature belongs to a person who doesn’t live in the “NOW.” It also displays a form of arrogance. The message is, “My time is more important than yours so workout yourself what I’m trying to say!” I’ll show you exactly what to do, to change it, right here.

2) The first initial and surname signature.

These people tend to sit on the fence emotionally and only give a tease of what they’re about.

Interesting characters are the ones who put a full stop (or period) between their surname and first name, thus creating a subtle barrier between them and their family.

They live a Jekyll-n-Hyde existence. At home, they’re a loving, caring brother, mother, father or sister, but take them on a conference away from the family and they are party animals waiting to run amok! Nice people though. I’ll show you exactly what to do, to change it, right here.

3) MORE SIGNATURE TIPS and common questions….

Should your name slant uphill? Should you underline your signature?

What is the meaning of a last name being crossed out? Is it okay to change your signature, legally?

Is using your initials okay for a signature? Does an illegible signature tell people you can’t be trusted?

What are the top three things you should never do in an autograph?

I’ll show you exactly what to do, to change it, right here.

For the last 15 years I’ve been asking these questions of audiences at seminars both in Australia and overseas. Now you can hear me online, via this new program with Bart Baggett.

It Only Takes Three Weeks

Remember, “Change can be easy… it’s just a whole lot easier not to change.”

It takes three weeks to form and own a new habit.

Think hard about your signature and develop one that reflects who you are now or who you’d like to become.

If you want to make the time you’ve spent reading this pay, then get off the porch! Hit your credit card administrator and tell them you’ve changed your signature! (They’re getting used to people doing this after my seminars!)

By doing this, you tell yourself and the world that you want, deserve, and WILL have more quality in your life!

Sign now for a better life. The pen, my friends, is in your hand. Anything started immediately is already half done. Go forward, get on the front foot, and good luck.

Malcolm McLeod Co-Author of the new program: Change Your Signature, Change Your Life.

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