Cause and Treatment for initial phase Prostate Cancer

The male reproductive system has an exocrine glandular called the prostate glandular which is quite important for the male body and does a lot of functions. The prostate glandular is usually prone to prostate glandular melanoma in the old age but in some cases melanoma in this glandular may occur at an early age. The prostate glandular melanoma is known to be a slow growing melanoma and so usually therapy methods are not required for it, if it develops in old age. But in the cases where melanoma occurs in an early age it requires medicine.
Causes of prostate glandular cancer-
• Age can be a major factor in developing prostate glandular melanoma and age cannot be stopped. Males usually suffer from prostate glandular melanoma in their old age.
• Prostate melanoma is a genetically transmittable disease and so a person may have it if someone else in his family had it.
• Apart from the above two factors, prostate glandular melanoma may be a result of bad lifestyle, improper diet, STD, and obesity.
Treatment of prostate glandular cancer
There are some treatments available for prostate glandular melanoma these days. In case melanoma is at a lower risk then the doctors are most likely to suggest you the therapy that would use the prostate glandular melanoma plant seeds. The technique is called brachytherapy and it is an internal radio therapy technique. There are two types of brachytherapy methods. One being he long lasting brachytherapy and the other being the temporary brachytherapy. Among the two types of brachytherapy, the long lasting brachytherapy is more widely used.

The prostate glandular melanoma patients who can go through the brachytherapy technique pf prostate glandular melanoma plant seeds should not have the following conditions-
• The prostate glandular melanoma should be restricted to the prostate glandular in order to go through this therapy. This means that the patient who are at an initial phase of prostate glandular melanoma can go through this treatment
• The patients having a larger prostate glandular cannot go through the seed implantations. This is because the placing of the seed in the proper points in the glandular is not possible on larger glands.
• The melanoma should be within a millimeter or two, covering the prostate glandular.
• Patients having a high level PSA would not be recommended the seed implantation methods.
Under the brachytherapy methods, radioactive plant seeds are placed or either a temporary basis or a long lasting basis and the radioactive plant seeds let out radiations, which kill the cells of melanoma. The plant seeds that are left behind in the long lasting brachytherapy, become inactive after a few months.

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