Catholic pilgrimage tours

When you think about to journey of the pilgrimage, in France you will feel the spiritual power of God’s, natural beauty, and peace of revealed in a truly special way. Be inspired celebrating Mass in France’s many spectacular cathedrals.

Also visit the spiritual beauty of Paris, Lisieux, Nevers, Paray le Monial, Ars, Lyon, Lourdes & more of the places where you can feel the power of the spirituality.

For Catholics, Lourdes is the world’s most beloved Shrine. Settled in a valley in the south and western part of the Hautes-Pyrenees, it is the scene of pilgrims gathering from all over the world.

Fátima and Santiago de Compostella in Spain found the excessivejourney sites of the peninsula, where lady Fátima receiving superior numbers. It must count as one of the world’s great ironies at this, one of the holiest site in the Iberian of Peninsula, is called for Fátima, the daughter of the founder of Islam. 

Rome (Italian Roma) which is also called the capital of Italy and its related region, called Latium. It is located across the confluence of the Tiber and Aniene rivers. When it was the capital of the Roman Empire, it was the most powerful, largest and longest lasting empire of traditional Western evolution. The Vatican, a sovereign territory within Rome, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the home town of the Pope.

In The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located within the northern city limits, is on the site where aunfortunate Indian named Juan Diego is supposed to have seen a dream, on December 9, 1531, of a attractive lady in a blue blanket.

The local bishop, Zumarraga, was cagy to authorize that Juan had really seen the Virgin Mary, and so he asked the peasant for some evidence, Juan saw the dream a next time, on December 12, and it became amazinglyinscribed on the peasant’s cloak. The bishop directly ordered the construction of a church on the spot, and upon its conclusion the image was hung in the place of decency, framed in golden. 

External the museum is a garden honoring the instant Juan Diego exposed the cloak to the archbishop. At the top of the mount, behind the Basilica, is a churchyard for Mexico’s more notoriouscelebrities. The steps up this peak are lined with flowers, shrubs, and waterfalls, and the climb, while tiring, is worthwhile for the view from the top. Check it out with Corvinus travel

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