Casodex – The Anti-androgen That Treats Cancer of the Prostate

Basically androgens are the male hormones that are generated and secreted by the adrenal glands and when people become victims of prostate cancer they may tend to have an extremely high level of these hormones in the blood that can be the cause of a lot of problem. Casodex that is chemically called Bicalutamide is an oral drug that is used in treating prostate cancer. It is said to be classified into the group of drugs called anti-androgens. Anti-androgen are said to hamper the action of the androgen by preventing the androgen receptors that are found on the cells of tissues. Casodex is believed to inhibit the growth of the cancerous cells by blocking the consequences caused by the androgen hormones on those cells.

Earlier Casodex was used in combination with other medications to treat prostate cancer, but later doctors started prescribing it alone for treating the symptoms of early-stage cancer of the prostate. Casodex is believed to make the cancerous tumor shrink by starving the cancer cells of the male hormones like testosterone, thereby preventing the cancer from increasing.

Casodex is available in the form of pills and is supposed to be taken once daily. It has to be taken at the same time everyday, and one point to keep in mind before taking the medication is that you must urinate and empty your bladder. Once you have started treatment with Casodex ensure that you do not alter your dosage or stop taking the medication with consulting with your doctor.

Patients taking Casodex may experience common side effects like a pain in the breast, difficulty breathing, running nose, loose motions, frequency in urination especially at night, variations in body weight etc.

Casodex must not be prescribed to women or children for obvious reasons. You can order for this medication from online pharmacies that can deliver it to your door step within a matter of a few days.

Casodex is a well known drug and at the same time it is widely considered as the best option for most of the strange diseases that you might come along. It is always advised to buy these drugs at a reputed canadian pharmacy, as you can save a lot of time and money. You can click here to buy Generic Generic Casodex.

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