Career Planning Tips

It is never too early to consider a career and the things you can do before college to help keep your career options open. Career counselors assist people to explore, pursue and attain their career goals. Counselling is actively listening to an individual’s story and communicating understanding, respect and empathy; clarifying goals and assisting individuals with the decision-making process. People create career patterns as they make decisions about education, work, family and other life roles. It is important to take into consideration the specific needs of the student population before making career decision.

While doing career counselling regarding selection of job Videos and handouts material are particularly useful on the topic of interviewing skills, where students can watch examples of how to answer questions in a job like interview situation. It is useful to have a classification system of jobs where specific jobs that are related have been grouped together and after than a systematic evaluation should be done. Through the internet, individuals can easily obtain career information from around the world. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.


Some examples of career journals include the following:

African Journal of Education

Australian Journal of Career


The British Journal of Guidance

and Counselling

The British Journal of Education

and Work

Canadian Journal of Counselling

The Career Development Quarterly

Career Guidance Study (Japan)

Career Planning and Adult

Development Journal

The Counsellor: Journal of

Counselling Association of Nigeria

When individuals are considering career options, it is useful to assist them

in attaining greater self-awareness by asking about their interests, values, and skills in order that they might better understand which jobs are suited

to them and which ones are not a good match. In making a decision about the kind of work to pursue, it is important to integrate self-awareness with market information and trend, awareness to arrive at the best fit for the person.


Parents and other family members can be an important source of support

for students making career decisions. Well planned and well organised career guidance services are increasingly important. In schools, the important thing is to provide sufficient human and capital resources of the right type, both within the school and within its surrounding community; to ensure that these resources are dedicated to career guidance; and to make the best use of the resources that are available. They need programs in the community to help them make transitions to the working world and to re-engage with further learning and career guidance to be part of programs in schools and colleges.

In middle and high school there are several steps can be taken to help prepare for careers in

science, engineering, mathematics, technology, computing, or medicine Join any of engineering, math, or science projects and events that may be offered in your area. Have faith in god nature and yourself. Visualize a successful life and create your benchmarks. Beat your own records don’t compare yourself with anyone. Be highly specific, objective and clear about your vision what you want to do and what you want to achieve in life.  To make a successful career it is important to think positively and think practically. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.


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