Career makeover tips

To keep your job is a good thing but only if this job gives you satisfaction and truly answers to your needs.  If you don’t feel happy having that kind of job, the solution is simple, find another job.  At first it may seem difficult, you may be left out of money, but think twice, you have only one life on disposal, so use it productively – everyone has the right to feel good about him self and the things that he does.  There is always a risk that the next job wouldn’t be the best job in the world, but at least you’ll know that you’ll tried and you’ll have one more experience in your life resume.  Eventually, you have not left behind something good, it was just your terrible job.  The best time to start this career makeover games is right now!

First make an “Idea list” of all the things that make you happy, list out your hobbies.  That would look for example like this: I like taking care of the garden, cooking Asian food, reading short stories, running in the woods, traveling in different countries…  List out the things you are good at, as well – for e.g. subjects you were good at in school, and add free-form items of things you like doing, no necessarily in the form of careers or job descriptions.  Order the list to keep the ideas you like most at the top. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.

Define your goals by importance and think long-term.  Making money is important one, but include goals like working with people, reducing stress, working with your hands, getting a month off every year to visit your home country…

Compare the Idea List and the Goal List side by side.  Eliminate the things that doesn’t meet enough of your goals and make a shorter list of ideas, maybe 6 or less.  Then come up with a career or job for each of the ideas on your short list.

Next step is to think how much time do you need to educate your self in every of these fields.  Eliminate those careers for which the preparation time or expense is unrealistically high.

Imagine how your life will be in future if you have the wanted job.  Will you still like it a few years from now?  Devote a couple of weeks to write a story for example and try to publish it.  Also you should communicate people that work that job, search on internet how to start…

The final step is the decision, what do you think that would be the best career for you.  Write down the good and the bad sides of the job and the reasons why you made this decision – it will be useful in future if you start having doubts about your choice.

Always have an alternative plan if things don’t work out exactly the way you’re planning them. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.

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