Career Advice – Military Careers Have Good Benefits

Giving career advice is never easy, but it is often needed. The advice given sometimes is not well taken, people don’t really want to know the truth, people don’t really want to change, and people really do fear for the situations and scenarios beyond their control. Not long ago, a middle manager of a fairly large Corporation came to me and asked me what he should do because he needs to feed his family, he has been laid off and now he’s worried about his home being foreclosed on.

He got out of the military about eight years ago, and now has nowhere to turn. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.

When discussing this with him, I asked him; “Why don’t you go back into the military and sign up for another 4 to 8 years?” Amazingly enough, he had not considered this, in fact, he felt as if he was done with the military, that he had given his service, and that he no longer owed the nation any more of his life.

Well, that is one way to look at it, and from his perspective and point of view he may be correct. However, if the military is willing to return the favor for his past service and allow him to serve for another four years until the economy is back where it should be, then this could be an excellent solution.

Turns out, he went down and talked with some folks, signed up for another four years, and will receive training which could help him get a job after he serves some more. The military is looking for a few strong good men, they always are. And since he was one of them, that was my career advice. Perhaps you should consider this. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.

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