Career Advice – Breaking Down Career Myths

There are many truisms and old sayings about how to get ahead in life. You’re probably extremely familiar with, “early bird catches the worm.” Or “As we work for the boss, the boss works for us.” There are plenty of other lame career oriented old sayings out there (I’ll spare you any more hokey phrases), but how many of them actually ring true. Here are a few common career myths coupled with a dose of actuality – consider this one big tip of reality:

Myth #1- If I work hard and toe the company line, the organization will recognize my dedication and diligence and take care of my career planning for me.

We’d all like for this one to be true, but it’s just not the case. As we’ve examined in past HR tips, career development is only partially the responsibility of the organization. A tremendous amount of career development responsibility lies with the employee. So if you are looking to advance your career and be lavished with glory, take action and develop a well thought out career development plan. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.

Myth #2 – Career success is a matter of serendipity

Sure, there is always going to be some degree of chance involved in your career. But that can be said for any aspect of life. The truth is that the best way to explain our successes (or failures) is to look at the choices we make along the way. Planning and making conscious steps to improve you career (i.e. – getting additional education or shadowing an experienced manager) are the ways to get ahead. For more on this line of reasoning check out the books Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Myth #3 – I’ve been a dedicated employee for 20 years and have tons of experience and education; surely I should be the next CEO

Now you’re seriously deluded! Regardless of how good you are, there is the possibility that you will not be promoted to the upper echelons of a Fortune 500 company. Heck I want to be the next Jack Welch, but it is doubtful General Electric will ever let me in the building. Do not be discouraged by this because the reality is, very few people are ever promoted to the upper echelons of a Fortune 500 company. Set your career standards high and work to achieve lofty goals, but remember, don’t set them so high that you’ll never achieve them. We have many more Career Help Articles Now Available.

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