Cardio Workouts Can Be Fun And Exciting

Something almost everyone but the most ardent treadmill, stair climber and running junkies dread, cardio exercise. It’s monotonous, boring and more often than not you aren’t even going anywhere. For these and other reasons it doesn’t get done many times or only gets done half-heartedly, which accomplishes little.

So can cardio actually be fun and exciting? Yes it can if you do it in the right way.

What is that way, you ask? It’s interval cardio training, the scientifically proven most effective way to boost your metabolism, shed body fat and boost your cardio capacity in a minimum amount of time. By the way, it also makes it fun and interesting since things are always changing. No more slow, monotonous 60 minute cardio sessions. Instead we’re talking about 15-30 minute sessions done with a purpose and intensity that will let you know right away that this is it when it comes to cardio training.

So what exactly is interval cardio training? How does it work? Why does it work?

Interval cardio training involves increasing and decreasing the intensity of the workout for specific time periods over the course of the workout. For example you might do an all out sprint for 30 seconds and then jog for 60 seconds. This could be repeated over the course of a 15 minute workout. That’s just one example of what cardio interval training can look like. The reason this works and is so much more effective than the standard old boring cardio is that it causes your body to run very inefficiently when it comes to burning calories. Sort of like a car if you speed up and slow down rapidly, you use a lot more gasoline than you do when you are just cruising along at a constant speed. That’s the key, making your body burn as many calories as possible in the amount of time you are working. This way of doing cardio also causes your body to elevate your metabolism and burn more calories not only during but after exercise than does the typical constant intensity cardio work most people do. In addition, interval cardio is much more fun and exciting since there are unlimited numbers of workouts that can be done using various interval combinations and types of exercises. The other exciting thing is that you are done with your workout in a lot less time. This along with the fact that you have to think and push yourself during these workouts makes them seem a whole lot more interesting and fun to do.

To get you started here are 3 sample interval workouts that you can try. Remember, cardio can be fun if you do it right!

15 min- 2 min warm-up, 1 min hard 2 min recover, repeat 4 Xs with 1 min cool-down

20 min- 2 min warm-up, 1 min hard 1 min recover repeat 8 Xs, with 2 min cool-down

30 min- 2 min warm-up, 30 sec hard 1.5 min recover repeat 13 Xs,with 2 min cool-down