Cardio Kickboxing – A Total Body Aerobic Exercise

To get the boredom out of your aerobic exercise and push your energy level into high gear cardio kickboxing is just the thing for you. Cardiovascular (cardio) kickboxing is a high impact full body conditioning activity that combines elements of boxing and martial arts.

Since the days of Tae-Bo (Billy Blanks) in the 1990s which incorporated tae kwon do and kickboxing, various combination styles have evolved, and have risen to high popularity status as people have quickly recognised the effectiveness of these weight loss programs. Cardio kickboxing is an excellent path towards achieving increased heart and lung function, lean body mass, and muscle toning. The workouts involve fast-paced jabs, kicks, punches, twists and will leave you dripping in sweat. We have many more Cardio Workout Articles Now Available.

Cardio kickboxing is an advanced level of exercise and requires a fair amount of stretching and warm-ups, usually 15 minutes, and is not to be omitted. You get your muscles warmed up and stretched to enhance your flexibility for each workout.

Aerobic exercise is generally defined as a physical conditioning system designed to increase the heart rate through sustained vigorous exercise.

Benefits of Kickboxing

If you want to jazz up your aerobic exercise the health benefits to kickboxing are numerous and the results quick and amazing:

1: Cardiovascular exercise will improve blood circulation, lung function, uplift your mood, and lower your blood pressure.

2: The high impact work out enhances mental focus and coordination; this is an efficient way to relieve stress and release pent-up aggression.

3: Total body conditioning is achievable through toning and burning fat and improving mental health. You can burn an average of 500 calories an hour, target multiple areas of the body, and structure exercises into workable 10 minutes segments.

4: You will achieve better posture, flexibility, and increased coordination from the program. These combined advantages build self-esteem, lift your mood and as a bonus, is an ideal self-defence tool.

Guidelines for Starting the Program

All cardio kickboxing classes begin with a 10-15 minutes warm up session and often include combined stretching, push-ups and jumping jacks followed by a 60 minute (on average) workout session, and finally a 10 minute cool down session of stretching exercises. Beginners are especially encouraged to perform stretches because of the high probability of strain and “pulled” muscles.

Here are 4 considerations before starting a program:

1: Before beginning a class ensure that the instructor is from an accredited fitness organisation to competently lead a safe and effective class.

2: Kickboxing is not for everyone and is geared towards individuals at intermediate to advanced levels. Talk with a fitness professional to find out whether cardio kickboxing is appropriate for you. This exercise needs to be a regular part of your program, at least 3 times a week and at a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes.

3: A qualified instructor will show you how to master your technique without over extending or “locking” your joints. Drink plenty of water throughout the class to rehydrate and replenish lost minerals.

4. Risk of injury happens when you try to follow a technique above your level, pace yourself and work with your body. At the beginning, take regular breaks if you feel tired.

You may also consider doing an aerobic exercise program from home before starting a class. Instructional videos and DVDs are easily accessible at reputable online stores and local department stores. Cardio kickboxing is fun and energising and will keep you motivated for a long time. We have many more Cardio Workout Articles Now Available.