CAR INSURANCE savings tips

There are many ways you can save money on your auto insurance if combined a few methods for saving. Belkow is a list of several differnet things you can do that will lower your insurance premiums.

Auto Alrarms, Tracker and alarms and Trackers

Thatcham 1 (basic immobilizer)
Thatcham 2 iimmobilizer and alarm joint)
Asset Phantom
Nav Trak
Tracker (guard and Echo)

Alter Your CAR INSURANCE Excess
Firstly I want to add a note of caution, most companies have a voluntary excess which adds on top of your excess. When working out what you can afford take this into account!! This made a difference on all quotes; normally a doubling of excess would reduce approx a minimum of $100.

Make Sure You input the right annual Mileage cover
This is always a CAR INSURANCE question that I make up and normally over estimate (or fit to what I have on my car agreement) but you do need to have this as close as possible. So again I tried this out and worked out my actual mileage and what my agreement was (and what I would have put in)

I was surprised that for an extra 4000 miles this added $60. Another note of caution don’t underestimate as your insurance could not cover (or incur charges) but don’t go way over the top

Only take the optional Extras you actually need. Each site has a really in-depth description of what these are so I am not going to do into this in great detail the usual optional extras are-

Courtesy vehicle
No Claims Cover
Legal Expenses
Suit your cover to your need not a whim or want

Now this is the age old question that has been on Car Insurance quote forms since time began. It does make a big difference, the options are normally-

On the road
CCTV covered area

So the safer way to store your car the better, possibly if you park on the road work out the saving and compare this to the cost of hiring a private garage! 

Unfortunately its clear that the majority of the Car Insurance cost is built into statistics, demographics, geographic crime rates and sometimes the willingness of a Car Insurance company to cover you. We have many more Insurance Help Articles Now Available.

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