Car Insurance Rates, Cell Phones and Auto Accidents

Most people realize that one key to keeping their car insurance rates low is to avoid being in an accident. While some companies have first accident forgiveness, more than likely at some point that accident will affect the rates you’re paying for your auto insurance. Many vehicle accidents are a result of distractions, in fact statistics show that distracted drivers have three time the chance of being in an accident. While there are a variety of distractions that can be a cause of an accident, one of the biggest distractions causing more and more accidents today are using cell phones while driving.

The root cause of many of these cell phone related accidents are from people who are either dialing their phone or searching their contact list while driving. Both acts are very dangerous because it normally forces the driver to look at their phone to complete the act. And at high speeds and/or in congested traffic, a second or two is all it takes to either cause an accident or be slow to react when another driver has made a bad move. Unfortunately just talking on your cell phone or listening to someone else can be almost as dangerous since it tends to lessen your focus on the road and what’s going on around you. The percentages that studies indicate are astounding, with 80{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of accidents occurring within a couple of seconds of a driver being distracted.

While many people have turned to using hands-free sets while talking on their phone, statistics indicate that while it helps with the dialing aspect of using a cell phone, the overall percentage of accidents have dropped very little. Even if you aren’t actually holding the phone, talking and listening to someone can still be a distraction.

Text messaging is another form of cell phone use that is proving to be very dangerous. Text messaging requires you to look away from the road, even longer than you would if you were just dialing a number.

There are many drivers who feel that they can concentrate on a phone conversation and the road at the same time, but this is generally not the case; your attention is always divided. Others feel that they can look back up quick enough to avoid an accident, but one actually never knows when the right time to look away and the right time to look back at the road can be. All it takes is a split second to slow your reaction time so it’s imperative that drivers be concentrating on the road and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Some states have already banned talking on cell phones while driving, and other states are working on following in their footsteps. There are even some states that are doing their best to outlaw text messaging while driving as well, since it has proven to be so dangerous. Before you get in your car and start talking on your cell phone, consider your well being, the well being of others, as well as the hike in your car insurance rates that could occur. Don’t be the foolish one that says “it could never happen to me”. Use cell phones wisely, and for best results, limit cell phone talking while driving to emergencies only. If you must talk on your phone, take the time to pull off the road while carrying on the conversation.

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