Car Insurance Lowest Rates

People go about getting car insurance lowest rates in different ways. Some contact their current auto insurer and request a lower price, others go online and compare auto insurance prices trying to find a cheap rate, and yet others walk the streets to visit the company offices. Which is best? Let’s have a look at each method.

If you intend to contact your current company and ask for a lower price you must be armed with some evidence or reasons as to why they should. Auto insurance companies are not philanthropists, in business to offer you the lowest car insurance rates they can to keep you sweet. They are in business to make money. They want to keep your premium price high just as much as you want the lowest rates you can get.

So what can you offer them? If you have had no accidents and no claims for the past few years, especially the last three, that is useful. If you have recently take an advanced driver’s course that could also help. If you mention you are considering changing auto insurers for one with a cheaper rate then that will help the most. So, by all means, approach your existing company since that might well reap dividends, especially if you are not really very keen to move away from them.

Next, go online and compare prices for the lowest rate you can find. For this you must compare apples with apples, so provide the same information to each company. There are many variables involved, such as the deductible (what you pay first before the insurance company), whether or not you want a collision waver, or comprehensive cover and what level of uninsured driver cover you want. That could be determined by state law, so check up the law pertaining to your state, or even country if you live outside the USA.

You don’t do this by asking each company individually, but by using a comparison site that has no axe to grind with any company. Once you have decided on the level of cover you want you can check the prices offered by the different companies. The comparison company will provide you with a truthful comparison and you can be sure that the car insurance low rates you are given are genuine.

Online comparison sites are good to give you hard facts, but these are standard prices for specific situations and levels of cover you are getting. They are a guide. Next go to the third option. You do not have walk the streets aimlessly seeking auto insurance offices, since you have the lowest three cheap car insurance rates. Now visit each of them personally, because that is how you are going to negotiate the lowest rate: face to face.

When you speak to people personally you have an advantage over those that communicate online. You have instant response and you can catch people off guard. You can come to agreements based on discussion rather than facts. It is much easier to get a lower price face to face than by email or any online form.

If you are honestly serious about finding discount car insurance, then you will go through each of these three procedures. You will first ask your current insurance company for their best deal given all the information you can provide. You will then go online and find the three lowest quotes you can, using the same information and then visit them personally.

Once you have negotiated the lowest cheap car insurance rates you can from them through face to face discussion, you should go back to you current auto insurer, and speak to them, again face to face. No emails this time, and no telephone. Look them in the eye and provide written evidence of the offer you have just been made and ask them to beat it.

Only then will you know the car insurance lowest rates you can possibly get, whatever company you decide to choose.

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