Car insurance fraud protection

Facing a car insurance fraud even in the role of a victim means that you will have to pay. Your rates will go up because of an expensive claim, but you can risk your and your loved ones’ lives too. That’s why learning about insurance fraud protection is very important, making you prepared for illegal insurance scam that may harm you. Insurance fraud is as old as the concept of insurance itself. Back in Ancient Greece ships were sunken on purpose to receive insurance benefits from the government. Later on, insurance scam was widely spread in England and then in the United States. With the development of automobiles and car insurance respectively, fraud users have gained a very big market rich with possibilities. Many organized crime groups as well as individuals are using flaws in the sophisticated insurance system of today to use it in their own interest, making you vulnerable to their activities. However, there are certain measures you can take in order to minimize the chance of becoming an insurance fraud victim. First of all you have to learn what insurance fraud is all about and what schemes are usually employed. And the range of schemes is very wide. It can be a set-up accident with a car intentionally stopping in front of you to cause a collision, or an entire play with many people involved to testify your fault. Learning what are the most common types of insurance fraud is actually the best way to be protected against such things. Here are some of the most widely used schemes of fraud to be on the lookout for: Intentional accidents: The scam car will take its place in front of the victim car in traffic and suddenly hit the brakes when there’s not way to avoid collision. This usually causes rear-end accidents, with the scam driver receiving car damage coverage money and sometimes medical cost coverage as well. Additional damage: The scam driver leaves the accident site, whether intentional or not, and causes additional damage to the car in order to claim that it was caused during the accident and raise auto insurance coverage in his or her favor. Fake helpers: In such a scenario fraud hunters will let you into the traffic at first and then head in to make a collision with you, claiming that they didn’t let you in the first place afterwards. Another form of “help” could be directing to doctors, repair shops or lawyers that will charge you much more than in typical situation. Because things like these can happen to anyone and in any place, it’s very important to pay attention. Be on the lookout for traffic participants who may be following you o analyzing your driving style for some time. Keep the safe distance in front of you to have room for emergency stop. In case the accident takes place, make sure to not everything, tape or shoot all the damages and record all the information regarding the other car and people in it. This information will be very helpful when dealing with your auto insurance company and can be proof of fraud if it takes place.

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