Car Insurance for Teenagers: Proven Tips to Affordable Rates!

It is every parent’s dream to be able to get affordable car insurance for teenagers. When your teens come home one day, announcing that they have obtained their car license, it is the starting point of your nightmares. You are worried about your teens’ safety as well as the cost of insuring them. This is because you are well aware that teens do not come cheap when it comes to car insurance. Luckily, you still have choices to get cheap car insurance rates for them with adequate coverage without burning a hole in your pocket.

Insurance companies have different perspective in managing their business, which explains the difference in plans and prices offered. Do some studies and ask for recommendations from friends and families for the best company. The company that you are going to choose should be the one that offers low rates as well as able to deal with you efficiently once your teens need their protection.

Next, consider insuring them under your policy. This move will help you to save a bundle although you might notice a rise in your rates at first. It is common that your premiums doubled when you add a teenage driver in the same policy. However, you will gain more savings this way compared to insuring them individually. Your premiums will be lower once your teens show that they are capable to drive safely in the long run.

Teenagers can also sign up for defensive driving courses if they are still considered having not enough experience in driving. There are special driving courses like Pass Plus scheme which can put their skills to a higher level once they graduated from these courses. Pass Plus scheme give new drivers chances to master skills of driving in tricky situations such as driving at night or under bad weathers with low visibility.

Get them cars that are safe enough for teenagers to drive. Older and heavy cars are much better choices compared to expensive sports cars. The former are proven to be less attractive to thieves and prone to accidents. They will then reduce the risk of the teenagers which contributes to lower claims. Your insurance company will also be able to grant you with cheaper car insurance for teenagers because of this. If you are still worried, install anti thefts and safety devices such as steering locks and automatic seat belts which can protect your teens and their cars further.

Last but not least, remind them to drive cautiously and safely all the time. There is no point to drive dangerously to show off to their peers when they are risking their own lives and also leads to higher cost of insurance if they tend to have bad driving habits like speeding. Teenagers are new drivers and they should refrain from committing any traffic offenses or involve in accidents which will leave them with bad points in their driving records.

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