Car Insurance And Accidents: Without Insurance, Even The Best Lawyer Can't Help You

While a top accident attorney can never make one seriously injured in a car accident truly whole, an accident lawyer can insure that one injured due to the negligence of another recovers all financial damages one is entitled. However, to do this, an accident lawyer looking to recover financial damages on your behalf usually needs to see that either you or the at fault driver has identifiable car insurance with which to recover monetary damages.

As long as the injured person has car insurance, an accident lawyer can help a client recover even in cases where the other driver is uninsured. This is so due to a little discussed provision within one’s auto insurance coverage called uninsured/underinsured coverage. This powerful coverage allows an injured driver to recover against a negligent driver who has no car insurance to the maximum allowable under your car insurance policy’s “uninsured” motorist coverage.

For example, if a driver has an uninsured motorist policy with limits in the amount of fifty thousand dollars, and the at fault driver has caused your car accident without valid insurance, you as the injured person may recover up to fifty thousand dollars from your own insurance carrier for your injuries.

Likewise, “underinsured” motorist coverage can often be an important component of allowing your car accident attorney to recover all money to which you are entitled. For example, depending on the state, an injured person can at least recover the maximum of their underinsured motorist coverage if they would qualify. For example, if one has underinsured coverage up to one hundred thousand dollars, and the negligent driver has only twenty five thousand dollars worth of insurance coverage, the injured driver may still recover up to 100,000 in total compensation when utilizing their own underinsured motorist coverage. In some states, “stacking” provisions can be used to allow for up to one hundred twenty five thousand dollars of insurance coverage in this example.

While all of us as drivers cannot always control the negligence of others we encounter on the roadway or whether such irresponsible drivers carry lawful insurance, we can insure that we recover if injured by a negligent or drunk driver and in what financial amount.

If there is a lesson to be learned from a top accident lawyer it is to insure that you do not neglect your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to the detriment of you or someone you love who may be injured by the negligence of another in the future. Without this valuable insurance tool, even the most skillful accident attorney will not be able to help you recover all of the financial compensation you as an accident victim deserve.

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