Car insurance Allentown Pennsylvania

Don’t hesitate to look us up when it comes to car insurance Allentown Pennsylvania. Call us at 1-800-392-5621 and you’ll get the rates from at least 10 of the top Pennsylvania auto insurance companies to compare with.

If you’ve bought car insurance for yourself a teenage driver or a senior, you know the rates seem to go up a tiny bit at every renewal. There are a few ways to retaliate against these rising rates and having a knowledgeable agent who cares is the always the best route. Having an agent who only represents one insurance company is a sure way of only giving yourself “one” option. Unfortunately, these “one company” agents have no choice but to be loyal to the company that pays their bills. You deserve to see options from several different companies to see if what you have now is a competitive plan.

Several things you should be aware of when you get a rate from Williams Agency or any other agent that may affect your benefits.

  1. Accident forgiveness- Many companies provide a benefit to long term clients that will allow them to avoid any surcharge when they have an at-fault accident.Our one company, Erie Insurance has a feature fifteen that forgives “all” future accident surcharges. You need to be sure of what you may be sacrificing when you decide to switch companies.
  1. Senior auto insurance discounts are becoming a bigger feature than other common discounts because of the growth in the senior population. Some of our companies offer substantial discounts for the 55 alive course as well as just being age 55 and over. We find that many clients were eligible for senior auto insurance discounts but were not getting them because the agent overlooked it. Again, there’s an argument for the agent who takes good care of all clients.
  1. Pennsylvania teenage driver rates have skyrocketed in the past few years. Several of our companies are offering loyalty rewards to young drivers in Pennsylvania by discounting the rates based on how long the parents have had their insurance with the company. Be sure you’re getting the discount you deserve for your teenage driver.
  1. Rate protection is brand new so it’s doubtful you’ll lose this benefit. Actually, it is a benefit that allows you to lock in your current rate forever(with certain restrictions) so you will never experience a rate increase again. You may want to call or sign up for a rate quote with us just to see how that will “price out” for your family.  

Remember to research your current policy before you jump into a new policy and lose discounts that it took years to earn. On the flip side, I’ve seen many alleged discounts disappear when a client makes a change to their policy with many companies. We’ll be glad to help you find the discounts you deserve on your Pennsylvania car insurance and you’ll have the secure feeling that comes with using a trusted professional.

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