Cancer Life Insurance Opportunities- Australia


Several times the thought of not purchasing a cancer life insurance is regrettable. Some people tend to ignore cancer life insurance, in the past, because it was expensive. Nowadays, women and men have better chances of qualifying for a cancer life insurance because it is now more affordable and comprehensive. Standard basis without additional premium surcharges are now being offered.

Some life insurance companies have already improved their terms on certain types of breast and prostate cancer as well as high blood pressure life insurance.

For instance, a company might consider a standard issue policy on first time breast cancer patients for small tumors with strong prognosis. Another company might consider the same thing and give out insurance immediately after surgery. Some companies might also consider customized premium rates for women with stage zero cancer, and stage 1 tumors larger than 1 cm. Other cancer cases may be qualified after a certain time has passed which is subject to favorable results.

Prostate cancer history with men has also seen massive improvement when it comes to terms and conditions relating to an insurance company. For those men who are 60 years old and up, possible standard rates may be offered after having a surgery.

According to a recent study, women will own 60-percent of US wealth. Women, however, will fall short of life insurance coverage as compared to men.

Life insurance can:

1. Replace income lost caused by the death of the breadwinner in the family. Several times, working mothers who just lost their husband are having a hard time so it’s best to qualify for a cancer life insurance so single parents can still raise money for the college education of their children.

2. Replace caregiver expenses.

3. For those who are small business owners, the money they will get from succession plans can be used to fund their businesses.

4. Replace any final expenses for funeral costs and any other uninsured expenses.

With the modifications of the cancer life insurance, opportunities given by some companies have opened doors for those who seriously need the help they can get from a cancer life insurance. It may be best that one consult their own legal or tax providers for further life insurance assistance. All life insurance offers are subject to medical history and relative terms.

At Special Risk Managers, their sole focus is obtaining life insurance for people with a serious medical condition; people who are often considered uninsurable. They offer specialised services through an exclusive arrangement with aninternational reinsurance company.

Their life insurance clients include people with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, stroke or heart attack and people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy or Crohn’s Disease. In fact, income protectionandtrauma insurance are also commonly available to people with chronic illnesses (excluding Multiple Sclerosis sufferers).

In addition, Special Risk Managers is able to help people with a history of depression or other mental illness, alcohol or drug abuse, and kidney or liver disease secure risk insurance.

Special Risk Managers deals directly with the public and also works with financial advisers to help them secure life insurance for specific clients.

The principals of Special Risk Managers have almost 60 years of international experience in the life insurance industry and enjoy an excellent reputation for their professionalism and ability, particularly in the area of non-standard risk policies.


Source by Benard Worseley