Cancer Knowledge and It's Awareness

Indians are all tobacco lovers. Studies found that the rates for oral and oesophageal cancers are much higher in India than any other countries. In contrast, rates of colorectal, prostate, and lung cancers are comparatively low.

According to a brief estimation, approximately 2.5 – 3 million prevalent cases of cancer are found in India at any time. Now days, It is being made a notifiable disease by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Nearly 600,000 cancer deaths occur every year in India. It is being more common in the older population. If it is detected early—in Stage I or Stage II, the probability of treatment and survival rates become high.


Two main reason for causing cancer is given below.

  • It is caused by drugs or chemicals found in tobacco, smoke, alcohol, and radiation, such as ultraviolet rays from the sun.

  • It is also a genetic disease, that is caused due to changes in genes. Genetic changes that cause cancer, can be inherited from our parents.


There are some general symptoms of any type of cancers. Let’s talk about the symptoms.

  • Fatigue and laziness
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Skin change such as yellowing, redness of the skin, rashes and itching
  • Body pain
  • Fever
  • Lumps
  • Persistent cough or trouble breathing
  • Change in bladder function
  • Unusual bleeding

Consult with your doctor immediately, if you find any persistent signs and symptoms that may concern you.


The treatment of cancer is fundamental to improving results for a patient affected by it. These are more effective and less toxic treatments, such as Therapies, Surgery, etc. There are several treatment technologies to control over this disease.

The treatment depends on the stage and type of cancer, which treatment technology will be suitable for the patient.

The main cancer treatment may include :

Oncology Surgery

Oncology Surgery is a procedure, which is used to treat cancer by a surgeon. Surgeons often use small, thin knives, and other sharp tools to cut your body during surgery.Surgery is the painful treatment to recover the body.

How Oncology Surgery Works Against Cancer

Before surgery, common test you may need:

  • Blood Test
  • X-Rays/ Ultrasound
  • PET scan
  • CT scan
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Biopsy

Surgeons remove the tumor from the body during surgery. After surgery, a person who suffers from the disease feels relaxed.


Chemotherapy also called chemo. Chemo is a procedure of the treatment that uses the drug to kill cancer (malignant) cells. Chemotherapy works by stopping or slowing the growth of the malignant cells. This treatment is used for several types of cancers.

Chemotherapy is used to cure this disease to some extent, controls the growth of cells. Early stage of this disease may become curable with chemo.

How Chemotherapy Is Used

Firstly, Chemotherapy treatment depends on the type you have, where and how much is spread. How advance it is? Chemotherapy may be of different techniques for different cancers to kill malignant cells from your body. Let’s find some effects of chemo.

-Chemo is induced through injection, capsules, and cream (for skin cancer) before surgery or radiation therapy. – Destroy the malignant cells that may remain after other treatment. – Kill malignant cells that have spread to another part of your body.

During chemotherapy, Doctor will ask for the test to know about, that treatment is properly working or not . The test might include blood tests, scans like MRI,CT, or PET scans.

Radiation Therapy

During Radiation Therapy treatment, high raise of radiation are used to kill cancer cells and shrink the tumor. Radiation is used in X-Ray, Ultrasound etc. to see the internal organs of your body.

Types Of Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy mainly has two types.

Internal beam radiation therapy

In this treatment, radiation sources are given inside your body. The source may be liquid or solid. Liquid radiation receives through an IV line and travel throughout your body. Solid radiation may be a form of seeds, capsules, or ribbons, placed in your body or near the cancer cells. It seeks out the desired cells and kill from your body.

External beam radiation therapy

This therapy treats a particular part of your body. It comes from a machine. It doesn’t touch you, but move around you, so could send high radiation in a part of your body from many directions.

Hormonal Therapy

Hormone therapy is used for breast and prostate cancer treatment. It is used specifically to stop the growth of the malignant cells. This is called hormonal therapy, or endocrine therapy. Healthy hormone grows in your body through hormonal therapy.

This therapy used to prevent symptoms, who are not able to have surgery or other treatments.

Hormone therapy may be given through oral like pills or capsules, injection, or surgery to remove the disease. You will have to do Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test regularly to know the working of therapy.

Target Therapy

Target therapy treated by precision medicine, that target the changes in the cancer cells. Target therapy has two types.

  • Small-molecule drugs are pills or capsules are small to enter inside cells easily.

  • Monoclonal antibodies are also drugs that are not able to enter easily, instead, they attach to the outer surface of cancer cells. They are given through a needle in blood vessels.

Immuno Therapy

Immunotherapy helps to make strong your immune system. The immune system helps to fight infection and other diseases in your body.

Immunotherapy is the part of biological therapy, that uses a substance made from living organisms to stop the growth and kill the disease.

You will have to do some test regular like blood test and scans to measure the size of the tumor and look changes of the blood work.

Best Cancer Hospital

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Best Team coordination

Today, the disease is rising with the rise of modern urban life. This leads to increase in demand of cancer expertise. The demand further rise with new innovations and a fresh way of thinking. The best minds with emerging new ideas gives a remarkable impact on clinical practice. For patients, the doctors bring hope, satisfaction and relief. For doctors, we fight against cancers to redefine clinical benchmarks and outcomes.


Continuous new innovations and development in technologies have brought a boon to the society. Radiology and imagine sciences have helped a great deal in curing cancers. Several new contrast technologies have come up like MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, PET-CT scan, 64-Slice Multi Detector Computerised Axial Tomography scan, 3D Mammography and many more to treat the disease and make them curable.

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