Canary Islands: a Romantic Gateway for the Newly Wed

One of the memorable occasions for the newly wed couple is a honeymoon vacation. Heavy preparation and planning are required for a wedding. The ideal way to relax and enjoy is to go for a honeymoon trip. A major decision is to be taken to choose an appropriate honeymoon destination. Your honeymoon must have full of love and romance and so you must look for a romantic honeymoon destination. Spain is a great place for making a honeymoon trip. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of Spain by going to a National Park, hiking trails, walking and motor excursions. Such things are ideal for exploring the beauty of the marshes, wetlands, mountain peaks, coastal dunes and the Atlantic beaches.

The Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean under the Kingdom of Spain with seven islands of volcanic origin. The Canary Islands are located in the northwestern African coast and were formed due to the past volcanic activities. The Canary Islands have always offered the
newly wed couples an ultimate romantic honeymoon experience. The Canary Islands are called as Spain’s paradise. The weather is generally sunny and warm round the year. This is the best place if you hate winter.

You can visit Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. The best way to visit the Canary Islands is by air. These places have good airports and receive a lot of international flights. You can also take a flight from any of the European cities, apart from Spain.

A trip to the Canary Islands is a real getaway for newly wed couples who want to strengthen their marital bond by tasting the three ‘S’s: the sea, the sand and the sun.

Here are a few tips to locate a honeymoon venue in the Canary Islands:

Step One: Research on your own. Identify the spots that you wish to visit and want to know more details about them. You can do this online by any search engine.

Step Two: You can visit online travel sites, which offer honeymoon vacation packages. You can compare the amenities, prices etc. here.

Step Three: You can also check with your local travel agent. If you get some prior idea of how much you have to spend to book a Canary Island vacation package, then you can visit the travel agent in person and know more on the vacation packages offered by him. You can then compare with the details obtained on the Internet and can decide the best among them.

Step Four: You can decide after weighing the options based on your needs. You have to book in advance if you plan to make an agency or online booking.

Step Five: Enjoy your romantic honeymoon vacation in your chosen destination.

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