Can You Really Make a Living With Real Estate Investing?

This article will help you get an understanding about investing. My job here is to show new and seasoned investors how to take their real estate investing careers to the next level. Tax lien investing just may be the way back to financial prosperity for real estate investors who are struggling in this market.

But back to the matter at hand. You can really make a living investing in real estate! But it’s not going to come from chasing after foreclosures. It’s to time stop trying to compete against hundreds of other investors who get the same lis pendens list from the court house or other sources of public information. That is not where the money is at. Well let me take that back! We have many more Real Estate Investing Articles Now Available.

There is money there, but there are also HEADACHES, Misunderstandings, Lawsuits (or threats of them) from people who are NOT in their right state of mind. Most people don’t want to leave their houses (even though they can’t afford them). With so many investors being labeled as the bad guy, you have to put yourself in a position to win! And it can be done with INTEGRITY!

Let’s talk about what it really takes to make the transition from the corporate world to a full time investor. These so called guru’s make it seem so simple. Investing is not easy. The learning curve will take money, time, and mistakes. Here is a quick guide to help you towards your family’s success Here are some of the secrets that you must be aware of to make a living as a real estate investor.

1. You must BELIEVE that you can be a SUCCESS in this business!

2. You must have short term and long term goals that are ready to be revised when “Life Happens”

3. You must be a master networker, or have someone on your team who is.

4. You must have a team! Trust me, you can’t do it on your own!

5. You must treat real estate as a real business, not a hobby! (Ask me how I know)

6. You must invest in technology! (Yea, you have to come out of your pocket)

7. You must have serious cash buyers on your list (I’ll show you where they are)

8. You must join a REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) 8a) Most of them are just big infomercials, but you will find a handful of serious buyers there. 98{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} of the investors there are what I call “Fakers”…….They just want to talk real estate! When you have a great deal to drop in their laps, they run like FLO-JO!

9.) You must pay a coach for their time! You need a guide to lead you where you have never gone before!

10) You must realize that Failure is NOT an Option!

11) Everyone must know what you do, and you must put out at least 25 offers every single week!

12) You must play the real estate game to win! Before I go, I want to drop a gem on you! Stop wasting your TIME chasing foreclosures.

The BIG DOGS don’t chase foreclosures, so why should you.

IF you really want to make money with less competition, you should look into Tax Liens, Probate, & Wholesaling to start. As we continue this real estate journey together, I’ll show you the real way to make money in each niche.

I’ll explain to you why these niches will set you Financially FREE! Real estate investing is in front of you, NOT ABOVE YOU!…..YOU CAN DO THIS! IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?? We have many more Real Estate Investing Help Articles Now Available.