Can Resveratrol Rebuild Body Cells?

Can resveratrol “rebuild” the cells of the body?  This article looks at the facts presented in the most recent studies.  Some of the advertising claims that supplement manufacturers use are not exactly factual.  There is no doubt that resveratrol consumption is good for you, depending on how you consume it, but it is not the only nutrient that you need to protect  your body cells and extend your natural lifespan.

As an antioxidant, resveratrol protects the cells of the body from free radical damage, the primary, but not the only cause of aging.  Other nutrients, such as carnosine are needed to protect the cells from glycation, which is worse than free radical damage, because it causes the formation of toxins, which has a detrimental cascading effect that includes further free radical damage. To date, most of the studies have been conducted using cell lines in the laboratory or animal models.  Some of the information that you will find on the internet is outdated.  Recently, I read one overview stating that more animal studies were needed.  That review was 10 years old and had not been updated or replaced or removed, which is not unusual.

Numerous animal studies have now been conducted, as well as the studies using human volunteers.  One of the major pharmaceutical companies is developing a resveratrol-based drug to treat type II diabetes.  In the future, there may be numerous drugs based on this antioxidant.  For those of us that simply want to protect our long-term health, supplementation is the answer.  The antioxidant occurs naturally in red wine, but drinking more red wine is not the answer, for numerous reasons, including the health of the liver.

What do the studies show?  There are thousands of them.  So, there’s no way to list all of the results here, but I’ll try to cover the basics.

Bone Cell Health—in animal studies, adding resveratrol to the diet increased the animals bone density—in cattle showing degeneration of the spinal discs, the antioxidant slowed the degeneration—reduces inflammation

Brain Cell and Nerve Cell Health—may prove useful in treating Alzheimer’s, as it protects the nerves from free radical damage—beneficial in treating multiple sclerosis in rodents—enhances balance and coordination

Heart Cell Health—improves the function of the heart and reduces cholesterol levels
Cancer Prevention—protects against head, neck, breast, lung and prostate cancer
DNA Damage

According to researchers at Harvard, DNA damage is the “universal” cause of aging in animals.  The DNA within the cells contains numerous genes.  Some of them signal that it is time for the cell to die.  This is necessary when a cancer cell forms.  Sirtuins are molecules within the cells of the body that insure that these genes do not signal the death of healthy cells.  Resveratrol activates sirtuins, preventing the death of healthy cells. 

Resveratrol Supports Body Cell Rebuilding

So, it does not actually “rebuild” cells, it supports your body’s ability to reproduce healthy cells and protects the DNA within the cells from damage.   For supplementation, your best bet is a multi-nutritional supplement that contains resveratrol, carnosine and the basic nutrients that the cells of the body need to function “optimally”.  For more information see my website on Healthy Body Supplements – Larry L. Taylor

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