Can Exercising Make Hemorrhoids Worse?

One of the problems with hemorrhoids is that there is quite a bit of pain and burning associated with them. If you don’t correctly deal with the problem, it can get worse. What can you do about exercise while having a hemorrhoid problem?

There really isn’t a solid answer as to whether exercise is good or bad for your hemorrhoid problem. For some people hemorrhoids aren’t effected by exercise while for others the hemorrhoids continue to get worse as time goes on.

What you want to completely avoid is heavy lifting while you have a hemorrhoid problem. If you do this, there will be pressure put on it which will stress your problem and potentially cause it to stress and strain. Some lifting that doesn’t involve your legs and core like arm exercises can be fine as long as you don’t put extra stress on your hemorrhoid.

When it comes to cardio and running, you have to take it day to day. Do your normal routine and see what happens. If it causes extra stress and strain on your hemorrhoid, don’t do it. Do a bit less of your workout just in case. The goal is to not make the problem swell.

When your exercise is over the best thing you can do is to take a soothing bath. This will clean the area and help the problem reduce it’s swelling.

Don’t go for the opposite reaction and not do any exercise at all. This is a horrible plan. Those who sit all day during the day will have as many swelling issues as those who exercise too much. When you sit too long, the blood will pool and cause the hemorrhoid to swell. Doing some very mild activity like walking around every hour or so will keep your blood flowing so that you won’t have as many problems.

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