Can a Sex Offender Be Approved For an Apartment?

In recent times, apartments stepped up their background checks in order to better protect their existing tenants and maintain their property prices. They thus conduct background checks which include criminal and credit.

When it comes to criminal background checks, an apartment concentrates on checking for felonies involving sex, drugs and violence. Sex offenses can be accessed by the apartment simply logging onto local, state and federal sex offender registry. Unfortunately, even if the sex offender has previously served time, the apartment complex’s automatic response in many cases where a sex offense comes up a denial. This can be especially distressing for the offender who feels that they have to perpetually pay for a crime that the law says they have already paid for. But can a sex offender actually find an apartment?


Subleting involves taking someone else’s lease. There are tenants who are legally bound to a lease agreement but recent drastic changes have taken place in their lives and they want out of those leases immediately. One such change is a job offer out of state or out of the country. Another is marriage (for the female who needs to go and live with their new husband). Another is a job loss where the tenant is moving back with their parents and can no longer afford the existing rent. These are desperate tenants who will do anything to get out of the lease. They are usually so relieved that you want to take over the lease that they will not bother with doing a credit check or a criminal background check.

Private landlords

Another viable way for a sex offender to find housing is by approaching private landlords. These are ordinary people who happen to own property and would be willing to rent it out to you. Some do conduct background checks but most of them go by “gut feeling” and as long as you present yourself in a manner that assures them that you are responsible and law-abiding citizens, they will not have a problem leasing to you.

Informing an apartment manager in advance

A sex offender can approach a regular apartment complex. One of the best ways to do this is to write a letter and include it in their application. This letter explains in their own words that they have a criminal record and exact circumstances surrounding the case. Some apartments will consider this as a sign of goodwill and will approve you.

Getting an apartment that will approve you despite a sex offense is a game of numbers. Some will be adamant and deny you despite what you do while others will be more lenient so if you are denied in one, do not lose hope; simply try the next.

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