Buying properties in Fiji – 3 things you should know

It goes without saying that Fiji has become one of the favourite destinations for the people around the world who are looking to buy properties abroad. No matter what purpose one intends to buy it for – be it for investment purpose or for having a second home in an exotic location – this country just fit the needs and expectations very well. If you are one of such people, there are a few important things you must know before getting to explore property for sale in Fiji.

The first thing that you should know before buying properties in Fiji is the legal aspect. Yes, it becomes important to note that there are certain regulations regarding the ownership of properties. There are usually two available ownership regulations there – one that makes you the owner of the property for ever and the other that gives you the owner for a period of 99 years. Specifically, if you are buying freehold land, you must look for the details from a reliable Fiji real estate agent. Ask them about the legal aspects of buying the property you are interested in. They will tell you the complete details. If you don’t it beforehand and get to know only after you have made the payment, it will be a situation you would never want yourself to be in. So, it’s important to be informed on this aspect.

The second most important thing would be knowing the location perfectly. There are over 300 islands in the country and more than 500 mini islands better called islets are there. You should be knowing the location very well before getting to buy property actually. You must check if the property you are buying falls in the areas facilitated with basic amenities like proper water supply, electricity supply, markets nearby and the conditions of road. Yes, don’t be surprized, there are several areas which are very far from the markets. It may take hours reaching there and getting to buy the necessary things you may need. Then the roads, yes there several roads in the less inhabited areas which are difficult to ride on. Make sure you have checked with all these basic facilities before buying. However, developments are already on and all such areas would be facilitated properly. But that may not be immediate.

Finally, if you are really exploring options in Fiji property sales, make sure you don’t delay it much. The properties in this country is selling like hot cakes. The price of the properties has almost double in the last two years.  Obviously, it all goes to the magnificent natural views and climate of the country. Almost everyone looking to buy a second home outside their home countries don’t miss to consider the option of Fiji once. Hence, delaying much would be losing the chance to own your very own property in this exotic and beautiful country called Fiji. 


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