Burlesque Makeup – A Vintage Glamorous Look

How to get the Burlesque Makeup

On the clean and hydrated skin, apply a light foundation. As lighter your skin is, as more classy the look will be. It is a makeup that needs the “aristocrat” skin tone. It is an elegant and strong style yet so feminine and fragile that everybody admires.

Start by freshing up your look and making a flawless skin. Apply concealer under your eyes and blend it carefully. Make sure that the concealer is a lighter shade than your skin tone. You have to hide perfectly your dark circles. Than cover your entire face with a foundation and make a matte finish with a translucent light powder.

Emphasize your eyebrows by brushing them and making them stand out. You have to make the perfect eyebrow shape to create a polished look. Also, leave them thick to make sure it will match this style.

Apply a light eye shadow on the entire upper eyelid to brighten your look. Also, enlarge your eyes by using a light shaded eye pencil on the inner part of your your eye rims.

Don’t forget to curl your lashes. The most important part of a burlesque makeup is the eyeliner. It is easier to use the eye liner before applying a liquid one to make sure the result will be extra polished with no mistakes. Create the cat- eye effect and apply fake eyelashes to emphasize the look. Than refresh it with the liquid eyeliner to hide the base of the fake lashes.

Use a light pink blush on your cheekbones to get a fresh look.

As for your lips, the extra hot red is absolutely a must have part of the burlesque makeup. Make sure it won’t blend, by applying a lip liner for the contour and if you need long lasting red lips, use the lip pencil as a base for the lipstick.

 Your skin has to have a flawless matte finish, to contrast the well defined eyes and lips. And remember, it is all about 3 main things: flawless skin, beautifully defined eyes and perfect rep lips.

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