Building Your Six Pack

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have and will never have ripped abs like we want. This is only because we are too lazy and not determined enough to work hard to achieve them. A six pack definitely does not come over night but building one is easier than you would imagine provided you follow my plan below.


Like all other muscles in the body, you need to work them out if you intend to see gains in their size and appearance, and abs is no different. I find working out 3 times a week which includes a weight training session as well as an ab attack workout does wonders for both my body and abs. I try to spend an hour in the gym with 15 minutes being spent on intense ab exercises such as weighted crunches, side crunches and crunches on an exercise ball and the remainder working other muscles such as chest, back, legs, arms and shoulders.

In order to look your best you need to do cardio on the in between days to lose fat and become more ripped all over your body, especially your abs where fat usually accumulates. I find mixing up the cardio at gym for roughly 40 minutes enables me to work hard, but not become too bored of the one machine.

If you follow this program of ab exercises, weightlifting and cardio you should start to see a difference in your overall body and your six pack should start becoming a reality.


The next important part of the six pack puzzle is eating correctly. You might have the abs of a god but if they are hidden by a layer of fat then it means nothing. The only way to sort this major problem out is to eat the right foods and in the right way. The best way to eat, according to dozens of studies, is to have 6 small meals a day so that your metabolism is always on the go and burning fat and excess calories.

The best foods are ones which have a healthy assortment of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These would include whole-wheat bread, lean meats such as chicken and fish, rice, oats and other low G.I. foods.

Water is vital if you want to lose weight and stay healthy and I recommend drinking at least two litres a day. Substitute it for your usual drinks such as coke and other carbonated sodas.

Diet is said to be the most important aspect of achieving the illusive six pack so this is where the hard work and determination should be instilled.

Keep on this program for at least 2 months to see some awesome results in your new six pack and body.

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