Building Muscle to Give You 6-pack Abs

Virtually every person in modern society just want to consume low fat or non fat food,even being conscious of the fat grams or chorestral contained in food at the store.Many people when they want to build muscle or to get six pack look,what comes to their mind is weight lifting or using abs machine and equipment such as roller,sit ups,captain chair among others.incase you have this equipment at home make sure you follow my instruction below before you lift any weight to avoid injury.

A simple quality warm up of 5-10 minutes will help,this may include jogging,skipping,aerobics or even dancing.after workout stretching will give your body flexibility that you require before lifting weight to build muscle.

It’s time now to build muscle,if its your first time have a trainer to show you how to use weight properly,and also to help you support the weight when you get fatigue.other sources of help can be fitness magazines or manual.for those who has trained for long it’s advisable to get a partner who you can train together to give each other necessary support and morale as you continue.remember mis-handling weight can be fatal.

Having a schedule can be of great help and if possible have the same with your partner.such that everyday you are training on something different so as to give you body balance,you agree with me it will be so uncomfortable to always build muscle on your shoulder and arms then leave out your legs or even abdominal muscles.Then watch what you eat,more so after workout don’t eat junk food or too much carbohydrates.

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