Building a Six Pack Abs Workout

So, you have your goal in sight, your inspiration in place and all the energy to get that ripped stomach of your dreams. Now it is time to build a six pack abs workout that pretty much works your entire mid-section – the smart way.

When building your abs workout you must include not only exercises like crunches, but also, twists and leg raises that will stimulate the lower and oblique muscles of the stomach.

Okay the first step on a six pack abs routine is cardio. At least 30 minutes. Choose the activity you prefer: running, swimming, jumping, etc and get on doing some cardio. This is an important step since it will burn the fat off your body (the number one factor to let show that six pack)

Once you’ve done your share of cardio, it is time to first work your core abs muscles, those are the muscles that are deep in our stomach and also the most important! For this I suggest exercises like the plank and tucking in your stomach. Pilates exercises are great.

Second, work your lower stomach. Choose exercises that doesn’t strain your lower back. For me the best exercise is the captain’s chair, but you need some equipment (a bad thing if you are working out at home).

Third, is time to work your oblique muscles. You can use the side plank here, a variation of the plank but on the side. Side crunches are great also, but be sure to use roper technique. Use also the bicycle maneuver, this exercise is according to research the one that triggers most muscular activity in the stomach.

Finally end up forking the upper abs, doing crunches and exercises of that style. Keep in mind that technique is very important. A crunch poorly executed will bring about 50{7bd3c7ad8bdfca6261de5ca927cd789e17dbb7ab504f10fcfc6fb045f62ae8d5} results.

Start slowly, choose your preferred exercises, and have fun! That’s what all about when making a six pack abs workout. Good luck!