Build your own Backyard Chicken Coop

Backyard Chicken keeping is becoming rather popular these days; that seems obvious since keeping chicken in your backyard has so many benefits to offer such as eggs, meat, keeping grass clean of weed to name a few. Plus Chickens are just so beautiful! So many people proudly display their pets on poultry shows. Keeping chicken is also an engaging and rewarding hobby.

Deciding on what kind of a coop to make for your self

Essentially there are 3 kinds of chicken or hen houses that you can make for yourself. A Chicken ark which is typically meant for 5-6 chicken; a medium sized chicken coop for about 8 or 10 chicken; and finally a large sized or premium chicken coop for anywhere between 10 to 15 chicken.

Another consideration that you must make take into account is how much space that you have to offer. If your back yard is not big enough to accommodate a big – sized coop, then you might want to go in for a smaller one.

Finally you will want to weigh your pockets before you can decide your investments. A good premium sized coop will cost at least $200. However if you decide to build a smaller one then the investment will be minimal.

Materials needed:

This will depend on the kind of construction you will want to make.  Going by your requirements you can go in for a Chicken Ark (the smallest), a medium sized coop, or a large sized one with a chicken run.  Generally speaking all you should require, some lumber, plywood, chicken wire, nails, hammer, straw, poultry feeders, and yes a measuring tape.

Making a coop can be a fun thing to do. Apart from making a home for your birds, you get to engage yourself in something which is constructive and definitely worthwhile. Building a coop is not only fun it is also lighter on your pockets. Readymade coops can be really expensive often costing more than 500 dollars per piece. Even when you do buy a readymade coop you still have to assemble the whole thing anyways.

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