Bruce Lee Workout Routine – Revealed – Bruce Lee Workout Routine

How many years has it been since Bruce Lee died … yet on the Internet, thousands of guys daily are still searching for the Bruce Lee Training And Workout Routine.

Why is this?

Undoubtedly, it stems from the fact that Bruce was years ahead of his time. In a day and age where no  martial artist cross-trained in other fighting arts — never mind using isometrics and free weights to develop strength and greater speed.

How many young boys — now men — can still clearly remember seeing Bruce Lee’s chiseled, rock hard chest, and six pack abs glaring down at them from the silver screen.

The number of people that were influenced by the Bruce Lee workout routine includes some notable names in the iron game. Celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shawn Ray, Lou Ferrigno, Dorian Yates, and many others have spoken out publicly about the tremendous impact that the Bruce Lee body had on them.

Even Joe Weider… The King Of All Bodybuilding — commented that Bruce Lee’s physique made an impact in the conditioning levels of today’s modern bodybuilders.

The Bruce Lee workout routine varied over time. To Lee having big muscles did not necessarily mean that you had “power.” He believed in what has now been termed “functional strength.” What functional strength means is the ability to take the muscle size developed in the gym and translate it speed, power and strength.

Bruce Lee’s bodybuilding workout routine in the beginning consisted of working out three days per week. The workout consisted of basic compound movements such as… pull overs, squats and barbell curls. The program allowed Bruce to continue teaching the martial arts without unnecessary muscle soreness or injury.

By following this basic program Bruce was able to gain 35 pounds. However, Lee did not like carrying the extra weight around he felt it slowed him down. As a result, he modified his training program to become more functional.

Here Is Bruce Lee’s Workout Routine

Clean & Press 



Bench Presses 

Good Mornings   (Warning — Bruce Lee injured his back doing this exercise and as a result changes workout program dramatically. Please do not perform the “good morning exercise.”)

Barbell Curls

These are the “Foundation Exercises” of the Bruce Lee Workout rountine

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