Breathing – The Secret of Instant Calm

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if something you do everyday could dramatically improve how you think and feel. With a little practice, learning how to breath more consciously and fully can do just that.

Anyone who has ever been to a yoga or meditation class will know the enormous benefits of something as simple and as natural as breathing. Inhale slowly and steadily and you can relax your entire body.

Exercise does not necessarily always have to be about you being physically active. There are several different forms of effortless exercise that you can use on a daily basis which will help you to get physically fit, lose some weight and feel better from the inside out. A good example of this is deep breathing exercises, something that many of us never take advantage of. The fact of the matter is, breath is life and if we take advantage of these effortless exercises, it can help to enhance our life in a number of different ways. Not only will our breathing improve on a regular basis, we may find that it helps our mind to relax as well.

Whenever we breathe, the air from the outside is pulled into our lungs. It is then distributed throughout our body by our bloodstream. You might be surprised to learn that the air is taken directly into the bloodstream and then through the heart before it is dispersed into the rest of the body. It is that important for us to make sure that we have a constant supply of oxygen because without the oxygen, our life would cease to exist. Although we all breathe on a regular basis, making sure that we breathe properly can go a long way in improving our health.

How can you tell if you are breathing properly? Whenever we breathe, our lungs are filled with air but something else takes place if we are breathing in the right way. Our diaphragm moves up and down as a result of our lungs being filled up with their and in order to increase the capacity whenever we are breathing in. This diaphragm also makes our stomach go in and out and if you do not see this happening, you are not breathing deep enough. By doing deep breathing exercises on a daily basis, you will be reprogramming yourself to breathe properly.

There are several different deep breathing exercise routines that you can do.

1) Practice relax breathing: find a comfortable position and relaxed environment. Breath slowly and rhythmically through your nose, using the lower part of your chest. Make the size of your breath smaller. Although you may find it difficult at first, you should practice breathing in this way everyday. Once you can do this exercise when you are relaxed, try it when you feel you are losing control.

2) Make time to relax: build relaxation into your day. It can be an effective way to gain control of your breathing.

3) Work out your posture: maintaining a good posture is essential to a good breathing pattern and exercise.

4) Breath through your nose rather than through your mouth. Breathing through your nose makes the air the right temperature and humidity to encourage relax breathing.

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are breathing properly is to take a little bit of time every day to do some deep breathing exercises. Not only will this help to retrain us but it will also bring a lot of oxygen into our body, something that will boost our metabolism. By doing this on a regular basis and teaching yourself how to breathe whenever you’re not doing the exercises, you will be helping yourself to be healthy in mind and body.