Bodybuilding Routines For Optimal Gains

Following a well planned bodybuilding routine that is backed up by a clean bodybuilding nutrition plan and plenty of rest is the basic formula for building muscle fast.  There are some fundamentals to consider when planning a bodybuilding workout routine for mass.  These include training splits, repetition ranges and intensity.  If you incorporate the proper training split and the right number of repetitions into your extremely intense bodybuilding routine, you will see rapid gains in strength and size.

In order to determine the proper training split to generate optimal gains from your bodybuilding routine, you have to understand how your individual muscles respond to bodybuilding workout.  You have to be familiar with which of your muscles grow fast and which ones need a little extra attention.  You also need to know how quickly each of your muscles recovers from an in intense workout.  To learn all of these things about yourself, you have to establish a baseline bodybuilding routine.  For example, follow a once a week training split to start.  This means that you will train each muscle group once a week.  Keep a journal to track your recovery times and your strength gains.  Make sure that you don’t train the same muscle group on consecutive days, even if that group is that target on the first day and the stabilizer on the second.  If you don’t allow at least 48 hours of rest, your muscles will not grow at an optimal rate.

Once you’ve followed your baseline bodybuilding routine for 4 to 6 weeks, and you are familiar with your body’s response to weight training, you can establish a customized split for your bodybuilding routine.  In other words, while still ensuring that you train every muscle group once a week, work in a split to train your weaker muscle groups twice a week.  If you do this, you will improve your weaker areas resulting in a symmetrical physique.

Another rule to follow during your bodybuilding routine is that you should use low repetitions and heavy weights.  You have to overload your muscles in order to tear them down so they can rebuild bigger and stronger than they were.  A bodybuilding routine to build muscle fast is one that uses about 6 to 8 repetitions for 3 to 4 sets per exercise per body part.  The weight should be heavy enough that the last 1 or 2 repetitions in each set is very challenging.  You may even need to use a spotter to assist you in the last reps if you can’t make the lift on your own.  If you choose to do fewer than 6 repetitions, you will begin to put increased strain on your ligaments and tendons putting you at a higher risk of injury.  If you use more the 8 repetitions, you will not be able to go heavy enough to breakdown the muscle sufficiently.

Finally, intensity is a huge component in all bodybuilding routines.  If you want to build muscle fast, your bodybuilding workouts have to be explosive.  You have to bring all of your energy and focus to each workout so you can blast through each repetition of each exercise.  You have to maintain intensity through the burn that comes when your muscle fibers are tearing down and lactic acid is building up.  Bodybuilding is as much mental as it is physical, if you plan your bodybuilding routine around your own abilities and then bring intensity to every workout, you will get optimal results for your efforts.

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