Body Language during an Interview – Interview Tips

Body Language during an Interview:

Bad posture– Sit in relaxed fashion learning slightly forward toward interviewer. This makes you interested and involved candidate.

Body language

Open and expressive gestures– Avoid pointing or banging fist on table to emphasis a point. Try to involve interviewer in what you are saying.

Body language during an interview

Control hands– Sometimes hands do distracting things during interview. Keep your hands below your chest and move them naturally to express yourself.Give your hands a little air, but keep them low.

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Cross feet– Jiggling or moving the legs creates an irritating distraction and indicates nervousness. Crossing feet at the ankles floor sends a message of confidence and professionalism.

body language tips for interview

Chopping and Pointing– According Cynthia Burnham, a California-based charisma coach “chopping or pointing motions can”cut up” the space between you and your interviewer in an aggressive way.”

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Fidgeting– According to Amanda Augustine of The Ladders, The nervous energy will distract the interviewer. You want [him or her] focused on what you have to say, not the coins jingling in your pocket or the hangnail on your finger.”

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At last standing increases your level of alertness and allows you to become more engaged in interview. Say good bye gracefully.

The First Five Minutes of an Interview:

First impressions count succeeding in your job interview isn’t easy. Interviews can be daunting—especially when considering the time value of money.  The time spent in interviewing might mean another lost opportunity elsewhere. In every job interview, there are first five minutes that propel the candidate to the next round of interviews like:

1.     The Entrance –

First impression is the last impression. Arrive on time, offer a firm handshake, maintain eye contact, dress conservatively and professionally and make effective small talk

2.     The Conversation –

Have a conversation, not an interrogation. The primary goal for your interview is to turn the “interrogation” into a conversation – just two people talking in a relaxed and sincere way.

3.     The Value Proposition –  

What should make them hire you over another? By clearly defining your unique value proposition. Your value proposition is what makes you the most attractive candidate for the position.

Tips to ace interview in five minutes only:

  • Dress for the Part
  • Avoid the “Fishy” Handshake
  • Mind Your Manners
  • Be Natural
  • Use Your Elevator Pitch.

Five Tips for Calming Your Nerves during an Interview

An interview can be one of the most traumatic experiences you will ever have what with all the probing questions and inquisitive stares not to mention the sweaty palms. Fear is a normal feeling-especially if you’re a first timer! It’s the fear of the unknown that gives you the uncomfortable jitters and rips you apart. Preparation in interviewing is absolutely crucial to your success as a candidate, and even those not experiencing fear should always prepare.

  1. Accentuate the Positive – The self-help gurus are right: It pays to think positive, at least when it comes to job interviews.
  2. Memorize your Resume – Read your resume until you can recite it without looking down. Being able to hold eye contact with your interviewer is important.
  3. Breathe Slowly ten Times – You need about 10 slow, deep breaths to calm nervousness.
  4. Release Muscle Tension – Walker also suggests a classic progressive muscle relaxation technique.
  5. Anticipate those tough Questions – Fortune favors the prepared mind and this is particularly true when it comes to a job interview.

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