Blogging-In The Arcade Of Internet Marketing

‘We never succeed at anything unless we have fun doing it.’ This should be an eye-opener for all those who think blogging is too juvenile and trivial to make a difference. Blogs have come a long way since what they used to be – diaries or chronological publications. Today blogging has been mainstreamed. It is no more merely incidental to Online Marketing or Search Engine Marketing. It has opened a new dimension to Optimisation which the wise are employing and the otherwise will employ, later than sooner! It is not without reasons that the Time magazine’s person of the year is ‘You’, that is, user generated content. There is a perceptible movement away from the traditional media.

Blogging really puts a new complexion on your business which is refreshingly different from whatever is formalistic, academic, rigid, ceremonious and official about your website; which however indispensable, may be perceived as boring. Blogging lets your audience communicate and engage in their lingo and style. It is light, energetic, personalised and very helpful in establishing good rapport with clients. You can actually induce your audience with catalysts and hormones(read articles, write-ups, ideas) and invite them to speak their mind. This information may prove extremely useful for your Online Marketing Business, in that it provides you with insights that may have escaped your observation. You may also use trial-balloons or invite a critique on your hypotheses. All of this, free of cost of course. It is a win-win situation for your business.

Blogs can serve as an effective Search Engine Optimisation tool by linking to other Web Pages. However, this has often been abused and Search Engines rightly penalize such spam blogs or splogs. Never do anything to jeopardise the trust of bloggers for blogging is the communication highway resting upon trust and faith. A proper and Ethical Optimisation strategy will result in higher rankings both via the regular social Search Engines as well as the blog or RSS search engines. A blog content is thematically amenable and hence easier for algorithmic categorization. It often has an uncomplicated URL which is more spider-wise, so to say. Also, internal linking, links to RSS feed URLs, factory-fresh content and an active community should be incentives enough for you to Optimise on blogs to hold all the aces in Online Marketing. Most importantly, why put all your eggs in one basket? The modern wisdom in Internet Marketing is having two irons in the fire – get traffic @ regular Search Engines as well as through links and RSS @ blogging. Go ahead and have the best of both worlds!

ePurple Media offers smart Online Marketing Solutions [] for the Internet Marketing Business including shouldering your blogging responsibilities. There are thousands of blogs coming up every hour! There is no time to lose if you want to blog your way to the top. Early bird catches the worm!

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