Blaster Worm Virus – What Is The Blaster Virus and How To Remove It

Has your computer been infected with the Blaster Worm Virus?  Have you been cursing your machine wondering – What is the blaster virus!?!?  Well I will fill you in.  I will also show you how to remove blaster worm virus quickly and efficiently.

What is the Blaster Worm Virus

The Blaster Virus is one of the latest types of malware wreaking havoc across the internet at a record pace.  The virus is aimed at Windows users (MAC users once again get a pass) and can cause potentially devastating effects if left on your system.

Unlike other viruses which are spread through email, the Blaster Worm Virus exploits a hole in the Remove Procedure Call (RPC) process.  Once installed on your system you may notice your system repeatedly crashing when it attempts to connect to a network.

In order to protect yourself against the Blaster Worm Virus you need to install the latest Windows patch.  This will not remove Blaster Virus but simply protect you against future attacks.  The patch will close the security loophole in the RPC process.

Blaster Virus Fix

In order to remove the blaster worm virus you need the absolute latest in antivirus protection.  Because the virus moves and changes itself so quickly the only programs that can remove it are the ones that stay on top of the viruses and have huge threat databases.

I use a program that not only has frequent updates but also the highest threat database (250,000 and counting) of any antivirus programs on the web.  It will fix the blaster virus and remove any other unwanted types of malware on your computer.  Scan your computer for free below.

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