Bill Cosby Countersues 7 Women, he claims did not rape those 7 women… As for the the other 40+ women, Cosby maintains that he has “NO comment”

Bill Cosby is taking legal action against seven of the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, according to his attorney Monique Pressley. The great thing about lawyers is they dont care weather you are a rapist or not, lawyers do not judge and only┬ádefend any given client’s “right to have competent legal counsel” .

The suit fils by Cosbys HIGH POWERED legal team is asking for punitive damages “to the maximum extent permitted by law,” as well as a permanent injunction enjoining the women from continuing to publish “defamatory statements” and another injunction requiring the women to “publicly issue a statement and press release retracting and correcting its defamatory statements.”

Cosby alleges that the women made up the claims in an attempt to “extract financial gain” and to hinder his return to television. According to the papers, the 78-year-old comedian was onboard to star in a new NBC family sitcom and had “existing contracts or an expectation of contract with Netflix at that time.”

According to the filing, the defendants’ allegations “induced both NBC and Netflix to postpone or cancel their contracts with Mr. Cosby by engaging in a campaign to assassinate Mr. Cosby’s reputation and character.”

In response to Cosby’s claims, attorney Joseph Cammarata, who is representing the seven defendants, released a short statement.

“If anyone is surprised by Cosby’s actions today, they shouldn’t be,” Cammarata wrote. “He’s taken a page out of the defense attorney’s playbook in an effort to shift the focus of this legitimate inquiry. It is curious that he has filed a claim only against these seven women, when there are scores of other women who have made similar allegations of sexual abuse and assault against Mr. Cosby. My clients remain resolute in their desire to have their day in court, sooner rather than later, and they each expect that their good name and reputation will be restored.”

Love to hear comments no swearing and no hate regardless of which side of the coin you see

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