Basic Weight Lifting Supplements help control normal health and body performance. However, if you are not running at 100%, then the other supplements are not going to be as effective.

1. Multi-Vitamins & Minerals. The number one supplement I propose that anyone start with, whether they happen to be a weight training or not. The multitude of health benefits makes taking a multi vitamin/mineral an easy choice to make. Personally, I feel it is even more advantageous for avoiding illness and making up for those unfortunate moments when I have "forgotten" to eat my veggies.

2. Omega-3 Fish Oils. Now, who realized that fish fat would be so good for you? Enhanced performance and greater body and mind operation are just some of the benefits that fish oil can bring. When I am taking fish oils, I tend to be more focused than when I'm not taking them. This said, I love the health benefits that they bring. We have many more Muscle Building Articles Now Available.

3. Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin, as it is commonly known, is unique due to the fact that your own body can produce it with exposure to UV rays. Vitamin D is crucial to a strong, healthy body and is considered a steroid hormone (but it's safe and legal)! Most people are actually deficient and, according to research, would be advised to get a lot more.

Performance Enhancing Supplements.

A step up from the foundation level supplements, the performance enhancing weight lifting supplements are the supplements that give you the extra drive and edge. This extra edge allows you to reach and fulfill your maximum potential

1. Whey Protein. Whey protein ensures that it is easy, quick and convenient to get your daily protein needs. Invaluable for building and repairing muscle and packing 20+ grams of protein with each scoop, it is easy to see why it has saved me so many times when I am short on time. Two scoops in my shaker, mixed with carbs, and I am ready to go.

2. Creatine Monohydrate. Creatine Monohydrate is an amino acid that produces excellent results. It is naturally occurring in the human body however, taken as a supplement, it is without a doubt the best weight lifting supplement for delivering amazing results in strength and muscle building. Without fail, I always see a considerable improvement in my own strength when starting a new creatine cycle.

3. Caffeine Pills. Caffeine is without doubt the choice of many for their quick "jolt" of energy or "pick me up" in the morning. It also works wonders for that blast of energy to get up fired up for a hard workout. Caffeine is cheap in relation to many other far more pricey pre-workout weight lifting supplements that you can find, and better at doing the job of getting you amped for your workout! Caffeine also allows me to focus entirely on the job at hand and lift without any distractions. We have many more Muscle Building Articles Now Available.