Best Violin Intonation Practice Techniques

Violin intonation takes a long time to get used to and may be frustrating and difficult for a new violinist. While I don’t recommend focusing solely on intonation, it is one of the main pillars of good playing ability that no violinist can afford to overlook. No matter how beautifully you play with the right hand, if the left is off pitch, nothing will sound right! So keep this in mind and follow some of these simple violin intonation practice techniques to improve your ability on the instrument.

First off, practice slow scales to improve your intonation. This means taking a normal two or three octave scale and slowing it down with a metronome until you are at 60 beats per minute. This pace will feel grueling, but that’s exactly the point! You want to feel like you are analyzing every last note down to the wire and looking at each note through a microscope. Only slow practicing scales will give you an edge on your violin intonation scale work, so do this at least once per practice session. We have many more Learn To Play the Violin Articles Now Available.

Next, put yourself next to a recording and practice a piece or a scale you are working on. This violin intonation exercise will force you to measure up to a professional level of intonation with your own abilities and will keep you in line with the way the music is supposed to sound at all times. You may need to stop the recording in order to fine tune your violin intonation, but try to keep up and keep your notes clean as best as possible throughout the entire session.

You can also practice humming and playing. This simple exercise consists of humming the note you are playing while playing it. It forces you to mentally and physically recognize whatever it is your hands are playing and gives you the ability to handle the notes in a much more engaged manner. I recommend doing this with a metronome very slowly because it will be much more difficult to hum while playing than to just play.

If you need more exercises for improving your intonation techniques on the violin, I definitely recommend getting a good teacher in these areas who can help you figure out a solid plan for mastering improvisation. Get a teacher who is experienced in classical violin playing as this area is typically very strong when it comes to violin intonation. We have many more Learn To Play the Violin Articles Now Available.