Best Things to Do on a Goa Holiday

Goa’s 130 Km long stretch of coastline makes it a beach-lovers paradise. With endless expanses of palm-fringed sands, these beaches of Goa are a perfect place for sunbathing, reading, swimming and relaxing. However, Goa is not only about beaches. There are a lot more things to see and do on a Goa tour. And if you are on a honeymoon tour to Goa, be prepared to get carried away by its pleasant surprises.

When you are in Goa, here are a few things that you must not miss out.

Adventure sports in Goa

If you are fun loving and want to take part in active pursuits, the numerous water sports offered at Goa beaches are best for you. You can engage in sailing, waterskiing, wind surfing, parasailing, banana rides, canoeing and scuba diving with your family & friends at the various beach resorts in Goa. Some of the luxury resorts located at Goa beaches even have their own 9-hole golf courses, cycling and horse-riding arena where you can enjoy during your family holidays as well as a corporate Goa tours. We have many More Goa Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Wildlife Tours in Goa

You must also visit one of the many exotic wildlife sanctuaries when you are in Goa. Most of these sanctuaries are located in the extensive forests, swamps and wetlands of the region which will give you a good opportunity to spot a variety of animals like crocodiles, monkeys, bison and snakes. Here, nature lovers will also find an extensive bird population. The best thing about wildlife sanctuaries in Goa is that they give you an opportunity to enjoy an elephant ride through the jungles.

Sightseeing in Goa

Since Goa has rich & diverse historical past, you should visit some of its grand architectural buildings. There are many impressive churches which date back to the Portuguese rule that must also be visited. And since Goa is home to numerous museums, take a tour of Goa to see its historical exhibits.

Shopping in Goa

Visit one of Goa’s main attractions i.e. the weekly flea market at Anjuna. Here you can browse for local Goanese handicrafts and souvenirs. Mapusa market is another place where you can shop for local crafts, art pieces, spices as well as foodstuff.

Ayurveda therapy in Goa

Finally you can relax your mind, body and soul at one of the several Ayurvedic centers in Goa. These centers focus mainly on meditation, diet and yoga. They emphasize on corrective and preventative treatments which were mostly practiced long time back in ancient India.

Your Goa tour will remain incomplete if you do not indulge in Goan culture of food, drink and merrymaking. Savor some of the delicious cuisines of this region in a luxury hotel or in a simple beach hut. We have many More Goa Vacation Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.